Should We Allow Drug Addicts of Illegal Drugs to Be Portrayed in The Media?

  • People need to know what it's like

    Children need to see what happens to people who allow themselves to become addicted to drugs. If more people see where that kind of lifestyle leads, maybe they'll be willing to steer away from drugs into a more productive lifestyle. We can't address the problem by hiding it, so the media should portray it honestly.

  • Yes, we should allow drug addicts of illegal drugs to be portrayed in the media.

    Yes, we should allow drug addicts of illegal drugs to be portrayed in the media because people can see these drug addicts and learn about the negative side effects of using harmful and additive substances. The use of illegal drugs is a widespread problem in the United States and bringing light to the negative effects of using can help lower the chances that people use the illegal drugs.

  • Drug Addiction Awareness

    Drug addiction is a serious disease that more people need to be aware of. The negative connotation and portrayals of addicts do not help them. It only makes them more prone to use. If there were more realistic portrayals of drug addicts in the media, there may be a societal change to actually help those who need it rather than condemn them.

  • A drug-free environment is a fantasy, not a reality.

    The allowance of portraying drugs, and drug addicts, within the media is an attempt at displaying the realism within most people's daily lives. Drug addiction is a dirty part of our human existence, but, so are sexual crimes and theft. The fact that the media chooses to portray, or glorify drugs, is not acceptable; however, acknowledging the issue is much better than mass distributing denial.

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