• Yes, in certain situations.

    This is in the same category as a DNR. It is a personal decision and if a person willingly decides if that's what they want, then their wishes should be carried out as they want. If people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses or have been in a life threatening accident, they should be allowed to decide what happens to them. If a "do not resuscitate" is something that is allowed, people should be allowed to decide when their life ends if they want.

  • Yes, but conditionally

    Sometimes people are suffering so much that even though it may not seem like it, painlessly putting them to sleep is the most humane thing to do. That being said, I think you must have a person's permission to end their life, to put it bluntly. The person should also have adequate time to decide. It's the hardest decision of someone's life, but if they're suffering it's humane.

  • Y e s

    Doctors and people are debating on the existing laws of euthanasia and whether it should be legal. I believe that as a human we all have a right to die, if we need help to do it, then we should be allowed to get that help. Euthanasia is assisted death or suicide and is used as a medical term when a doctor and or family member help kill their patient. Killing someone because they’re suffering too much should not be a criminal offence, and that is what I believe.

    A civilised society should allow people to die in dignity and without pain. If you are in a healthy mental state, enough to decide that you want to die because of a medical purpose but you can’t do it by yourself, then it is morally correct to help. Having terminal cancer is when most patients decide to make this decision, knowing that you are going to die a painful death through a sickness that you’ve been fighting for, for years is something that people are just not up for, they, like most, much rather die with their daughter or mother and have them as their last memory. Having your daughter help you die is very sensitive and you might not want her to do it that is when you turn to your doctor (technically that is illegal) and they will put something in your IV bag that will kill you instantly.

    We should allow others to help them do so if they cannot manage it on their own. If a sick person can’t find the strength to kill themselves in any way, then you need to find someone to help as they could seriously injure themselves, survive and end up worse then they started. If they do it by themselves hospitals can also get in bigger trouble because it shows that they don’t have good care over the patients and that ends up making the business look bad.

    For these reasons I REALLY do think that you should allow euthanasia.

  • Not your business

    This is quite possibly and probably the biggest choice someone could make. It's their life, not yours, why try to take control away from someone in this situation? If someone has thought through this and made their choice, who are you to stop them? Bottom line: let them make their own choice.

  • Only if NECESSARY

    If you or any one you know is in extreme pain, and they ASK you to kill them or help them die, I believe that you should help. If that person is not in pain or does not need to be killed, then you should not do it, as in most countries you can be arrested (most MEDC countries). If you do not know the person I don't think that you should do it as they could be faking their pain. So I do believe you should do it but only if you and the person had a reason.

  • Yes, but ONLY in specific situations.

    I think so, yes, but it has to only be for a good reason. An angsty goth teenage girl after breaking up with her boy friend shouldn't be allowed to euthanize herself. She is too young, and her body is able. There is no reason for euthanasia. But a severely disabled person who is blind and deaf, that has the mind of a two year old, and can't take care of them selves, they should be euthanized on the spot.

  • As humans we have a right to die...

    It should be within our rights to take our own lives when the circumstances warrant it. That means we must be prepared to accept laws in favour of euthanasia because of a terminal illness. This becomes even more important in light of potential technologies that could grant us extreme longevity.

  • It's unethical and wrong.

    I debated this point. Please vote here:http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Should-we-allow-euthanasia/1/

    Suffice it to say, it goes against a clinician's duty of care and it has been legalized in countries like Denmark and thousands of people who have NOT consented to euthanasia have been killed. It's impossible to regulate and is directly contradictory to the hippocratic oath.

  • Undecided, Leaning 'No'.

    There are simply too many complications in the euthanasia question for me to confidently provide a 'yes' or 'no'.

    Firstly, as a Christian I believe that for one to kill themselves is against the will of God. We should not be taking matters of suicide into consideration, as God wants us on Earth for a reason and if we defy this we shall burn in Hell.

    Second, euthanasia laws tie the hands of doctors and other medical personnel who may not be too keen on killing their patient. Meaning often times the consent of these laws goes one way or the other, and I feel that two-party consent is very important, and that euthanasia be a private contract rather than a law if at all it is established.

    I acknowledge the personal aspect of euthanasia, but to me it is simply too grey.

  • Don't Allow Euthanasia!

    This violates the Hippocratic Oath and violates every single ethical and moral code ever in the history of the world! It goes against every single train of thought and religion and lack of religion ever, and it will continue to until the end of life. This must be opposed, and the fact that 78% of y'all say yes shows what is wrong with this world.

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