• Are ashamed of their names or their actions?

    I think Facebook shouldn't’t allow use fake accounts. It would be a disgrace. Would be ashamed of their names or their actions, or are afraid to express their views?
    I don’t know, I don’t understand this approach that some who favour madness that is allowed. All you allege that it is for freedom of expression or not to reveal the identity of the user. And all because if your comments are controversial, if his identity is revealed or if their fans harass that user. In all cases I see an attempt to flee or hide what they do or are. And also I think that using a fake account can lead to inappropriate acts by these people who use this type of accounts. Therefore I am against the use of a fake accounts on Facebook.

  • Some people can't leave their real name

    On Facebook, you have the so called drag queens. They can't use their real name, because that could be harmful for their social lives. Also, online role playing is a very big part of Facebook already, even though Facebook does not allow people to use fake names. Many of them can be deleted now, even when they don't do any harm. And you have the famous people, who do not want to be recognised by everyone on Facebook, so they make a fake account. If you would take that away, celebrities could never use Facebook again, because fans keep bothering them on their accounts. If Facebook would take down all fake accounts, and make it impossible to create new ones, they would lose a lot of users. Newcomers would hesitate to make an account because of all the rules, therefore, Facebook should allow people to use fake names online.

  • Nothing wrong with Pseudonyms

    Sometimes people are more comfortable using pseudonyms. There may be political topics they will talk about more openly using a pseudonym because they don't want to have to deal with discussions in real life. It might even help the person gain confidence enough to have such discussions in real life eventually. If the concern with 'fake accounts' is trolls or spam those things can happen even with real names and can be dealt with by banning the user whether the user is using their real name or not.

  • Provides a sense of security for its users.

    Many times, people find it annoying that Facebook requires their real name. This is a setback for many as this is less secure, making it easier for stalkers to find information about a certain person. Although certain information can be privatised, the name is seen publicly, making it very insecure for its users. By using a fake name, a freedom of speech can be achieved, as many people feel like they have more freedom to release their opinions freely without being judged by others. Not only does this apply to commoners, but to famous people, who wish to remain anonymous for anything they post. However, this is hard when they are popular, as the account can be easily identifiable through the person's real name. Based on this, I believe that Facebook should allow its users to create fake accounts.

  • Yes, especially for roleplayers

    Roleplayers have one challenge when they roleplay facebook, and that is to bypass security. I am a roleplayer, but it saddens me when I look at my friends list, a few of them have been disabled by Facebook. Roleplayerd are just doing their thing, and they mean no harm with their fake names.

  • Facebook roleplay is nice

    I'm one of those roleplayers too and I found happiness in it. In my real life so many bad things happened to me like people hurted me and became haters without I did anything bad to them and I was sad, I didn't have friends. When I joined to roleplay world, my life changed. I found true friends, a great lover and everything what I wanted to have. Roleplay world is really special to me and I want it to be allowed on Facebook. We are not fake, we admit that we are not the real idol that we're roleplaying. We love our world and it can make people happy, just like it did to me. I really hope that it will be allowed soon because here I feel so great.

  • What the junk are fake accounts doing to harm Facebook?

    I mean, seriously. Some people don't want to give away their private information online, or they might want to roleplay. NOTHING'S WRONG WITH THAT! People may want to vent their secret or embarassing problems anonymously on a separate account so that the people who know them don't see them, or they may want to roleplay. It's up to them and Facebook shouldn't have to restrict that.

  • No, you should not.

    You should not deserve fake facebook accounts let alone a real one, facebook is a terrible place that I refuse my kids to use, if I ever caught them on it they'd be grounded without question. Facebook is pretty much the place for cyber bullying fake accounts would just improve that statistic. I'm a single mother and I don't want my daughters getting bullied and groomed by all the guys they know. Last thing I want is my daughters even talking to men.

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Craighawley215 says2015-02-10T16:07:43.990
They shouldn't allow it, but unless they intend to verify every account for factuality, there's not much they can do to prevent it. Protecting yourself and your children is your responsibility. If you don't want the risk of fake profiles, you can alter your privacy settings.