Should we allow guns to be given out to just anyone?

Asked by: cory000
  • It is a right

    I think that guns are their for people to protect them self. But ii don't think we should give people that have done wrong guns. IT is a right for all people to have a gun, But what is it used for? You see in the news lately a lot of school shooting. I think that we should lock down anyone that thinks about shooting a school.

  • Guns for everyone, agreed.

    While some may die by human action, we need to remember what this country was founded on. That King George was oppressing the colonists. There is over 300 million people in the USA.

    While only a few thousand are shot to death each year. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few.

  • That would be a disaster.

    There is a reason we don't encourage vigilanteism, regular citizens simply are not trained or prepared to handle situations such as school shootings. Instead leave it to the experts, who know how to keep bystanders safe, approach a suspect, and actually know how to take cover. If you just throw guns into the hands of people who aren't properly trained, they will shoot when innocent people are in the line of fire, or kill another vigilante when they confuse them for the actual shooter. Now if you can prove that you know how to handle a gun and store it, than sure you can have one, however just letting anybody have one would be akin to letting anybody drive a car under any condition.

  • No it would be insane to give to just,anyone

    If we gave guns to people no matter their mental health or i they have a record of violence it could cause serious harm to several people,and we would eventually regret it in the long run.The only reason organizations like the American Gun Association push against gun laws is because they are paid by gun manufacturers and in fact Taurus a gun manufacturing corporation gives an NRA membership with every weapon they purchase.Lets face the facts and see what thi s gun for everyone idea really is:a way for weapons manufacturers to make more profit from the gullible.

  • Look at the countries which don't have guns as a 'constitutional right'

    When you give a gun to anybody... Anybody will use it.
    You can talk about criminals who will not abide by any gun law regardless, but how many instances have we had where the gunman responsible for a mass shooting wasn't a previously convicted criminal?

    The opportunity is there, and too many people take it.

  • Of course not

    I believe that all mentally stable responsible law abiding people should be able to own a gun if they want and carry it in public places if they receive the training. But I don't believe people with serious mental health problems or criminal records should be able to own guns.

  • It is wrong....

    Because guns may to defend yourself but it could harm people if you give it to the wrong hands. Polices should be the only one who can have a gun. If everyone has a gun people can threat someone. But the other person have a gun too so there will be violence. We shouldn't have gun or we will have violence. Gun=Violence.

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Forthelulz says2015-10-24T03:09:35.367
Loaded question.