• Medical marijuana should be provided

    Medical marijuana should be provided. It has been show to provide medicinal benefits to those with glaucoma as well for pain management. Those suffering with an illness will have to either continue in pain or obtain it illegally. Buying it underground creates a host of other problems, including safety issues.

  • Medical Marijuana a pro

    Medical marijuana should be provided under the health care system. If a product works and is better for a person that chemicals and fake products than there is no reason why it should not be allowed. Since marijuana can be grown at home it will allow an ease on the health care system since patients will not have to return to the doctors to get a repeat prescription.

  • Medical Marijuana a Plus

    While we should allow medical marijuana to be provided, clinical trials and studies should also be funded so that we are able to study its effects and the ailments it could potentially help or cure. Marijuana has proved less harmful than many other drugs used to treat patients, and has great potential in the medical industry.

  • No, I do not think we should allow medical merijuana to be provided once again.

    No, I do not think we should allow medical marijuana to be provided once again because the drug is going to get abused because of its addictive nature. Although medical marijuana has some positive affects for people suffering from conditions such as cancer and glaucoma, marijuana is viewed as a gateway drug by many and is going to be misused by many people.

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megan.mccloe says2016-05-24T18:06:45.417
I would love it if someone could answer this question. First, let me just say there are 340,000 cases of cancer in the US. How many people are treated and/or saved from cancer with medical cannabis?