Should we allow racism under the right of freedom of speech

Asked by: RhysWatkins
  • Talking and doing are two different things

    You can say anything you want under freedom of speech. The problem comes when you act upon those things, (for example, physically abusing a person because they are Asian). There's no one who can tell us what we are "allowed" to say about other people. You might lose your job, lose a lot of friends, etc. of course, but that's your choice.

  • To a degree.

    They should have the right to be able to convey their message, however there should be limits to how far they can go. There is a significant difference between "studies have shown that African Americans, as a race as a whole, is less intelligent, less driven to work, more likely to commit crimes, and do drugs," and "Them damn f***in' N*****s are nothing but lazy a** drug addicts!" You can see that they ultimately convey the same message, but one should be allowed, one not.

  • Yes, Within Reason

    The right to freedom of speech is extremely important. We need to allow freedom of speech. If someone feels that they have to discriminate against other races, for whatever reason, I believe that they should have a right to say that. However if what they are saying harms, pressurises or discrimination against a specific race, then they should be prosecuted and punished necessarily. We could use the example of Andrew Bolt and his racist column against part Aboriginal people. He should have the right to say that, but because it applied pressure and discrimination to those specific peoples he should definitely be punished.

  • If you're talking about freedom of speech

    People already protest racist things. Haven't you heard of KKK rallies? The Black Hebrew Israelites? It's nothing new, people have been raising their voices against specific races. They are protected by the first amendment but it can really get people pissed off a lot. There are acts and amendments that do not allow intimidation and threatening acts on people based on their race however.

  • We failed a generation, this is the price we pay.

    That's right kiddies, this is the real world. I grew up with a creeping realisation but you lot have had your pants pulled down. We need to fix things yes but not like this. Education, technology, a common language and a generous application of time are all important to lessen what is and allways will be an Ignorant response to perceived threats. Thankfully fortune has been leading us that way for some time now. If you love something then you fear for it, perhaps those who are truly free from xenophobic thoughts feel betrayed or let down by their native countries. Frankly I'm glad this time atleast there are platforms such as this so everyone can present ideas free from personal attack. I'm not concerned, anyone with an interest in human history would see the past and the true progression we have made as a species. "The truth will out" as my grandmother allways said, the Internet sets that in Stone.

  • Beauty (or lack thereof) is in the eye of the beholder

    We see now how people are trying to shut people down by calling people sexist, racist, etc, when they blatantly aren't. We know that this kind of legislation would stretch to shut anyone who doesn't tow the party line down. We are already seeing the attempts. So all speech should be free speech, provided it isn't trying to incite violence against people. 'what speech is racist' is far too vague, apparently.

    Also, the best disinfectant is sunlight - if you want racism to go away, meet racist speech with your own free speech. Hence why, as time goes on, people have gotten less and less racist in the west. Free speech has allowed smarter voices to be heard, understood, and followed. Open dialogue is what changes people.

    Allowing racist speech ensures that we have dialogue that actually ends racism.

  • Yes, for the greater good.

    Allowance of expression of bigotry and racial hatred reduces the more damaging affect of covert and sophisticated forms of racism. This exposes activities and identifies individuals who hold these views which provides a means for containing and neutralizing racism via open discussion and education. Inevitably, those who stubbornly disregard rationality and morality will inherit the consequences associated with such feeble-mindedness.

  • This is nothing more than using racism to justify banning free speech.

    Using anti-racism to promote the end of free speech is as disgusting as racism! Hitler ended free speech. And because of it many died. Once we lose free speech we lose our lives. I will protect free speech with my life. And so will many other Americans. So be prepared for a fight you will never win.

  • This is nothing more than using racism to justify banning free speech.

    Using anti-racism to promote the end of free speech is as disgusting as racism! Hitler ended free speech. And because of it many died. Once we lose free speech we lose our lives. I will protect free speech with my life. And so will many other Americans. So be prepared for a fight you will never win.

  • Freedom of speech

    Its not freedom of s p e e c h if it isn't free. You cannot limit freedom but i can understand the counter argument that it is not kind. I think it is a very difficult issue to deal with as there is so much as stake. Ok bye

  • Imagine if you were black

    Many police officers do not care for black people when they go missing! All the people that said you are allound to be racist wake up one day with black skin and you will know how it feels. I bet ( to all the people that said yes ) if someone starts being mean to you you will tell them to stop. So much for "freedom of speech " so you see it's just like being mean to the other race! If you don't want to be raped and murded neither do the black people. So that's why I think blacks should have there freedom!

  • The right to free expression does not give the right to ignore other rights.

    Article 7 states that 'all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.' To allow racist bigotry and hatred to be expressed as a valid opinion under article 19 gives it the appearance of credibility and allows the opportunity to incite others to discriminate against or attack people portrayed as inferior. If we allow racists to speak under freedom of expression then it opens the way for all other forms of hatred to be preached. Do want to give Al'Qaeda the right to preach openly in your country?

    Posted by: chui
  • Degradation of societal values and critical faculties

    The very fact that side proposition is thinking of allowing people to even think of allowing racist remarks to be made, under the banner of "Freedom of Speech", shows that they are not thinking about the possible ramifications to the self caused by this drop in moral standards. By allowing people to commit such atrocities, their side is doing more than just harming the victims of such abuse, which in itself infringes upon the rights of another group of individuals in society - a point to be raised later. However, even more pernicious in their policy is the imparting of a symbolic message to society at large that such any allowance can even be made for such a crime. The state in society will definitely snowball downhill into a collection of possible impacts - the rise of "hate speech", possible sectarian violence, and racial riots, to name but a few.

    Now, onto the point about how this infringes upon the rights of another group in society - upholding a right is legal only to the extent that it does not infringe upon the rights of anybody else. Clearly, minorities' rights to freedom and protection are thoroughly violated here. Hypothetically speaking, we would not allow people to go around on the street punching pedestrians in the face for no rhyme or reason. Similarly, we do not condone racism or racist remarks precisely because we violate someone's rights, and that is just not allowed.

    Lastly, racism has a profound impact on the development of any society. The abolishing of slavery by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was simply an event representing the desire to abolish all notions of race-based superiority in society. The fact that this massive movement was, to a large extent, successful, shows that racism, regardless of the banner it is cloaked under, should never be tolerated.

    Simply like we do not allow people to steal under the banner of "Right to Protection"(I was hungry, and had to protect myself), or people to shoot everyone whom they think may harbour a grudge against them for the same reason, our side does not condone racism under any pretence or façade. Ultimately, one of the signs of societal progress is the understanding that racism is not acceptable whatsoever.

    For all these reasons, I am very proud to oppose.

  • Racism is extremely unnecessary

    When some ones darker, why does that mean your better. Racism and reverse racism or completely out of the idea of peace. Give people free speech, and they should be responsible enough not to do that.People talk about peace, then make a joke about Mexicans coming over the border to much. Not funny

  • Absolutely Not, But...

    It already is. And it will be for quite some time. The racists don't want to lose their right to be racist. If they lost that then everything about their mental state would crumble. Racists need to think, feel, and speak racist thoughts in order to maintain their false sense of entitlement. Take that away from them and they will quite simply implode.

  • It is terrible

    Never say racism under freedom of speech. It is terrible and discriminating. Racial COMMENTS are protected by the First Amendment. That is about the only thing i have no problem with. "Racism" is not protected by the First Amendment. Prejudices are impossible to avoid, but actions that bring that mental attitude into the physical world in any form other than speech, then it is no longer protected.

  • If its satirical, then yes. But if is a hate-speech then no.

    It will result in more violence and close-mindedness and create discrimination, and you that it leads to violence and war, so being a racist is not under the rights of Free Speech. Imagine a world Leader being racist and how the world would react, he/she will be placed out of power for sure.

  • Racism is racism.

    Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing but we should not use it to discriminate and criticise a group of people because of WHAT THEY ARE. Just because they are from a different race does not mean they are different at heart to the rest of us. Races don't mean anything. Instead, we should use the freedom of speech to make the world a better place, not dividing people apart.

  • Racism should not be allowed and IS NOT allowed under the freedom of speech.

    Freedom of speech does not necessarily imply a complete liberty in voicing out your thoughts into words. Freedom of speech limits itself to profanities. Basically, if you verbally curse someone, then that is not included in the freedom of speech. You can even be put to a jail if you try to do a such thing. That is according to the freedom of speech.

    The question here is SHOULD WE. So now, still, I don't condone racism to be under the right of freedom of speech. In my opinion, racism should have long been exterminated. Let us learn to embrace diversity instead.

  • For jokes, no problem. For others, it's too much of a risk.

    A few jokes about stereotypes and people really shouldn't be much of a problem. Everyone knows its a joke, they laugh over it, whatever. The problem is the extremist side of the world that is simply intent on destroying a race they conceive as "inferior." If the general term "racism" was allowed under freedom of speech, this includes both the joking aspects and the much more serious racist movements and organizations. An analogy can be made to Germany, where despite the fact that the country is on the more liberal side and allows various parties (communists and socialists included), fascists are forbidden because of possible Nazi influence. It is not the ideal in itself that serves most of the complications, but the possibility of severe implications by extremist groups. Unless "racism" is narrowed down to humor, it could potentially legalize racial hate.

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UnKarmafied says2014-04-01T13:49:17.680
Racism is already allowed under the freedom of speech. It is socially disdained, but you can't go to jail for being racist. You can however go to jail for doing things that stem from your racism, but are not racist in itself.