• Religion is more than Society

    Every religion has different rules and regulations. A different or separate court for them will not do any harm for then nor for anyone around them. Most of the Shariah Laws are similar. There may be some different stuff such as marriage and divorce, but most of it closely similar. A religion matters more than the society's opinions. If the problem is related to the society, then remember religion matters more.

  • One court under law for citizens

    If anyone is tried in the US they should be subject to the same court matters no matter what their religion is. Muslims should have to follow the same law as everyone else and have to face the same court systems as well. Sharia law should be subject to countries who want to follow that law.

  • No, that wouldn't be equal.

    No,we shouldn't treat anyone different especially in the court systems. That would just cause a lot of problems that we don't need. If people want separate courts for these laws, I would suggest moving to a country that practice those laws. What if one day I decide I want to go by the Sesame Street law.

  • No, But not because of the reasons I'm seeing here.

    I am a Christian, And I don't think the courts should be separate, Because no courts that aren't Sharia should exist. Islam will soon be over the entire world, And as Christians, To ensure our continued existence, We should be demonstrating our submission to our future rulers by demanding our governments allow the creation of a caliphate over them, Electing only Muslim into office, Donating our tithes to mosques or Muslim charities to show we're perfectly willing to humbly pay the Jizya. We should pray that God will grant swift and total victory to our superior Islamic rulers and our total subjugation to superior Islamic law

  • Destroys rule of law

    A nation can't have separate legal practices for different groups of citizens. In secular democracies, constitutional law is absolute and must remain so. Sharia contradicts the very notion of rule of law - that law is applied equally to all individuals. It is a barbaric and backward practice that has no place in the modern civilized society. If a constitutional secular law is not monopolized in a free nation-state, you no longer have a socially coherent nation-state and you also have no basic freedoms that the constitutions of the west and their secular legislatures grant you. If western law's monopoly in a nation is disputed by other legal practice, especially by such awful and brital as the sharia, then, de-facto, a road is being paved towards societal breakdown and, eventually, state's collapse.

  • No, no and no!

    So, let's assume a non-islamic woman gets raped and killed for a variety of reasons (Not wearing headscarf, being friends with multiple men, being vain). In Sharia Law, all that would be acceptable.

    We are a different culture with different rules, and religion has no place in our legal system. Should Sharia Law courts be legal in the West, that'd mean a great number of people would be able to get away with murder, among other things.

    You want Sharia Law? Then go to an Islamic country and leave the modern world alone.

  • Giving separate courts for Muslim is a suicide

    Their Law is against all other religious communities and it will kill everyone on the earth. In Bangladesh there are 70% muslims and 30% non muslims at the time of Independence. No they are only 7% of non muslims in the country. They will force to convert or kill them.

    Their law clearly says, convert as muslim or die. Lets not entertain them.

  • No, they decided to live here.

    If a person with such a belief want to exercise them comfortably, they shouldn't expect the community that they've joined to adapt for their benefit, it's selfish and arrogant.
    If they feel the need to have a different law system, they should return to their own country instead of living in our one.
    It really is quite simple.

  • One Law, One Court

    If we were to allow separate courts for Muslims then how would be able to succeed as a nation under the Rule of Law? The law contradicts enough as it is now. AND with the separation of church and state Sharia law would not be legal under our constitution anyway.

  • No We Shouldn't

    America has separation of church and state. Our court systems are for everyone and there should not be an alternative court system. Sharia law does not apply in the United States and it never will. I do not believe Muslims should have access to a different court nor should they expect Sharia Law within the United States.

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