• Priests are Priests. We shouldn't discriminate. If we do, Then we're failing extremely as both Christians and humans.

    Priests only serve 3 main denominations: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, And Anglicanism. In all 3 of these denominations (except for Anglicanism), Priests much be celibate. This means that they cannot have any sexual relations with anyone. Any gender, Any age. Period. This means that there is no reason, Other than blatant discrimination, That gay priests shouldn't be allowed ordination. If you think that being gay is a choice, Think again. Numerous studies have concluded that a shrink in the hippocampus, Which can also cause depression and anxiety, Can cause homosexual tendencies. If people say being gay is a choice, They are also saying that having depression and anxiety is a choice.

  • Why does sexual orientation matter?

    I seriously do not see why some of you still hold on to the belief that homosexuality is a "sin". Firstly, it is a genetic trait, NOT a choice (there are many animals in nature that also exhibit homosexual behaviors so don't even try to gainsay otherwise), and besides, what does their sexual interest matter to you? YOU aren't them, what right do you have to say that they can't be a part of your community? If Jesus supposedly tells you to "love thy neighbor", then why do you oppose his word through discrimination? It seems to me like you people are the ones whom contradict what your deity teaches.

  • Churches Must Be Reformed First

    Priests in Protestant churches should be allowed to be openly homosexual just because Jesus preached that love is of utmost importance. The Episcopal church in America has ordained openly gay leaders in recent times and more organizations should follow. The one religious organization that should allow priests to be female, married or openly gay is the Catholic church, but that won't happen for decades to come.

  • Yes, gay and lesbian priests should be allowed.

    I think that the ordination of gay and lesbian priests should be allowed. But that decision should be left for the religion and churches they belong to. I do not believe that religions should have to be force to ordain gay and lesbian priests if they choose that they do not want to.

  • No. They can't!

    Gay and lesbian priests are unrepentant of their sin. Homosexuality is an act against God. You cannot enter a pastoral position unrepentant of your sins. If the gay or lesbian pastor did repent and turned to God and became heterosexual, then yes i would be all for their ordination, but on their current state, it is impossible!!!

  • Totally off limit

    By priest i assume we are talking of men of God and Jesus Christ being his only begotten son.
    Homosexuality is not allowed in the bible, it is a taboo. So how does it look the teacher,the keeper and the preacher of his words to be that which is prohibited.

  • No ordination for gay and lesbian priests

    There should be no ordination whatsoever of any gay or lesbian priests. This is a blasphemy against God and will contradict everything that Jesus has taught. It goes against the moral values of every Christian Believer and will just cause a bigger uproar. Ordination should only be for people who live an honest and pure life according to the bible.

  • Separation of church and state violation

    Though the equal rights movement is important to live in a conflict free society, separation of church and state is at stake with this debate. Each religion is allowed lawful practice but to impose equal rights on their doctrine is a direct violation of that policy. Let religion practice their religion and their own guidelines without government policies imposed.

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