Should We Allow Zoos To Hold Natural Animals?

Asked by: NoahD628
  • I'm all for animal rights.

    Think about it this way: If these animals were to be put in the wild, they would probably die. In zoos, they are kept safe from being hunted and zoos keep species from going extinct. Also, most of the animals in zoos grow up there. Animals are also very unintelligent, most of them could care less that they are pinned up. I can't say that every zoo treats animals how they deserve, but almost every zoo I've been to treats them just fine.

  • They Do So Much Harm?

    They Give poor animals no privacy and not enough room to move around ,but they do feed them. They give them like 0 space and no room. I think these animals should be left alone and not given diseases like herpes and pneumonia. These animal have every right to live and be left alone.

  • It's not good

    They should not be in zoos because they should be in their natural habitat instead of being put in a fake one. It's just a terrible thing that no one should have come up with. I say this should not be happening. Saying no is the right thing to do.

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