• Those who say no, Were never raped.

    I was raped when I was 22, And I have PTSD from it. I would have had the absolute right to choose if I was pregnant. I call bull snickers on anyone who says they were raped, But would be willing to force me to have a baby by my rapist.

  • No one should be forced to have a baby.

    Children should be conceived in a prepared and loving home, That has the possibility of raising a kid I a supportive ambience and a good family life.

    You are not giving a child that was born from a rape victim a chance for that, And that also means in the end that kid will have deep and serious issues while growing, Maybe even like an unloved and unwanted kid. Same feeling if he is given for adoption.

    While the fetus remains a fetus, He is not still living and therefore you aren't killing anything but a shell. Abortion is not selfish. Selfish is having a child you won't be able to raise correctly.

    Posted by: Zech
  • I will try to argue against this

    The fetus is entirely a part of the mothers body with no experience or action that would define this as a person. You are not killing a baby because it is only a child potential. It is not wholly selfish because the baby is not a self because it is a fetus not a baby. You make emotional connections because you have seen babies. Babies are not killed. You can not make considerations for a human potential that has not experienced.

  • Be in the place of women. . . . . .

    Yes, Because the rape victim can't love her as her own child and I personally think the child can fell neglected and inferior later. . . . . And when a child is born it should loved by both of the parents to have a great life ahead. . . How can a woman can love a child of a shitty man who had done the heinous crime with her. . . …. I think aborting a child is the best way to safeguard the life of the child as well as the mother. . . . .

  • Let's get rid of the unwanted baby before it lives

    If someone is raped, Highly likely they are probably not intending to have a kid. It's better to get rid of the fetus before it is born than wait until it's born as a baby and then neglect or abuse it. You didn't necessarily say required, So I assume that the woman has a choice of whether or not to use abortion. I would say that abortion should be allowed to rape victims.

  • Of course we should!

    Being raped is already horrible and getting pregnant on top of that? ! An average person is already offered abortion so why wouldn't a rape victim? They deserve it after everything they've been through. And it wasn't their choice to get pregnant, They were physically forced. If the baby were to be born they would be the product of rape and I don't think anyone would want to live with that.

  • Well umm duhhh

    Yes because it's not her child and not her husband so
    She should have the option to have an abortion cuz she don't know the man and it isn't her kid in the first
    Place. Women who are raped can and should have the option to have an abortion if it wasn't from her husband. . . . .

  • In my eyes, All abortion (unless mother's life is at risk) is wrong.

    Just because you've never met this person doesn't mean you should be allowed to kill it.
    Rape is a sad thing, One of the worst things one person can do to another. But abortion kills children. Let's say you really hated your father because he only relied on you for money and well being. Should you be allowed to kill him? No. That's the same thing with fetuses. They may be in a different stage of life but their worth is not below yours or mine.

  • Method of Conception is Insignificant to the Argument of Abortion

    Despite the obviously horrific method through which the baby was concieved, The actions remains the same - you are killing a baby. You can draw the line and say that the baby does not qualify as a human life as it is has no beating heart, Or it is not conscious, Though the same qualities can be applied to adults that I'm sure you'd agree we shouldn't kill. It shouldn't be a matter of "how much of a burden is this baby" because that argument is wholly selfish and inconsiderate short of situations in which the baby poses a threat to the life of the mother or a similarly devastatiing outcome.

    This is an argument against not only abortion for rape victims but abortion as a whole.

  • All Life is Given By God

    To allow rape victims to abort their children is to allow murder for convenience. A human life is a life regardless of stages of development or inconvenience. Getting raped is a bad thing but two wrongs do not make a right. To kill a child to get revenge on a rapist is evil.

  • The question being posed is a strawman

    Those who are pro-abortion always say "what about rape victims"? The reality is, They don't actually care about rape victims. Their support for abortion has nothing to do with compassion for rape victims or women who might suffer medically from giving birth. Very few abortions are done under these circumstances.

    Abortions due to rape or a medical risk are less than 1% of abortions. Most who are pro-abortion would refuse to limit abortion to only rape victims and those who might suffer medical risks. They only bring up those extreme cases because they're intellectually dishonest and know there is no rational defense for murdering a baby.

  • People would abuse the power just not to have kids

    People would lie and say they didn’t give consent, They really could’ve. They could be lying just to get an abortion. And I’m not for abortion but I don’t think the government should ban it. And again whenever a certain group people get an exception, Then everybody will try to lie and or be like them so they could get the special treatment. Also just allow abortion for everyone.

  • The best way

    To put this is that having that child is essentially saying to rapists "I am going to HAVE this child, They will be MINE, And they will be a better person than you EVER could be. " So there, Not the best argument, But I feel like that's a good way to put it.

  • According to court. . . . .

    According to court, A death sentence would not be a good punishment for the rape criminal, Why should the baby suffer the horrible death. If the court believes the the death penalty for the criminal, Why should you make the baby die? It wasn't the baby's fault. That's why. . Ya

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