• YES, We Should

    Our leaders are great, and that is why they are our leader. Their opinions are always correct, so we should follow them and do whatever they command. Why do people elect leaders ? It is because they think they can lead them well. Leaders are always correct, and we believe them.

  • Not all leaders are that good

    Let us say that you have to obey a command that is against our will , would you listen and obey ? Do all leaders have good intentions ? Some leaders goes corrupt and are irresponsible . Not all leaders are what we think they are . They may be a leader but we don,t truly know them

  • Note the "always"

    Of course we should not always obey our leaders. This would be disastrous if we came under the rule of a dictator. If the leader is just however and it is a democratic system, it is not as simple as obeying the "leader". The law should be adhered to as in the civilised democratic countries the laws are fair and decided by the people. To go against the law would create anarchy.

  • No we should not

    Here is the reason.I knoe that leaders have knoweledge and have more experiance. However even though they have more experiance,because they are preson they can have wrong decisions.At this time lower person could help him not just obey about it.Like this it is not rightto just always obey.Thank you from toby0903

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