• Yes amend it as soon as humanly possible

    Abortion is murder that is a fact we can not live in a society that treats its own children as parasites' to be exterminated its Evil no way around it I have already written the amendment

    "Abortion shall be prohibited within the United States as well as anyplace subject to their jurisdiction except in the case of tubal pregnancy or other such heath risks subject to the will of the many states"

  • I think so

    That is a living child with a soul from the moment of birth and you killing it is an abomination to the human order what are you a bunch of fcing satanic worshipers! ? Would you kill a baby that has been born? Why would you kill one that has not?

  • Woman can have a choice

    Underage woman should be able to not have to be burdened with a living breathing creature that costs up to 10's of thousands of dollars to be nurtured into adulthood. Also, Abortions are not allowed when an actual baby is in their stomach, Abortions are only allowed while the baby isn't sentient and isn't alive.

  • Morals don't matter.

    It doesn't matter whether the fetus is alive or not, It is not conscious. An adult should be able to make the choice whether they want to have a child or not. If they don't want to that's their choice.
    For the people saying that it's better for somebody to birth the child and then put them in an adoption center, That's not ok either. It's better to not exist at all rather than to live a life of misery and only maybe getting lucky and getting adopted. If you're not existent, That does no harm to you. You are not conscious. You don't know what is happening or what happened.
    Women have a right over their own bodies.

  • No we need amend the constitution to protect it.

    The laws currently on the book are good enough. The laws need to be protected so they can't restrict anymore. They also need to protect people going to these clinics. We also need to stop forcing doctors to give bad advice. It's not your business what others do for health.

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