Should we amend the Constitution to limit the number of terms a Member of Congress can serve?

  • I think the constitution needs to be amended for the the limit of terms a member of congress can serve.

    Right now the senate can serve 2 years and the house can serve six, but they can be re-elected as many times as they can. I think they should run the same as the president. Two four year terms. We need new blood. We need younger men in office with new ideas.

  • Yes Members of Congress should be limited in the number of terms they can serve.

    Yes we should limit the number of terms that members of Congress are allowed to serve. We (the United States) need to get back to having citizen-congressman interested in serving their fellow citizens rather than professional politicians who only the interests of lobbying interests at heart. We have too many professional politicians who only care about lining their pockets with profit.

  • It should be a service, not a power grab

    Being a congressman/woman should be a service to the community where the concerns of the constituents is not forgotten, not an individual power position. Sadly, after long enough in Congress, the delegates forget who they are serving and who put them there, and just like any celebrity status, it goes to their head. The word "humbling" is lost upon them after too long.

  • They need to get out after a certain amount of time.

    Keeping the President fresh is good for our country. Having a limit to the number of terms allows the country to reevaluate the direction we are taking. Members of Congress need something like this too. We need to keep the approach to Congress fresh so we can keep moving forward.

  • Yes, all members of Congress should be limited to two terms.

    The members of Congress passed the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution on March 21, 1947, which limited a President to two terms.

    The 22nd amendment was passed by a Republican Congress in 1947, mainly from the Southern States. It was passed because the Republicans were afraid that another Democratic President, like FDR – Franklin D. Roosevelt would be elected. FDR died on April 12, 1945 and was serving his 4th term. FDR was the most popular President in history; and FDR pass the most legislation for the middle class and poor, and, he made the wealthy millionaires pay their fair share of taxes. Not like Now!

    FDR past the First New Deal (1933-1934) and the Second New Deal (1935-1936) that saved America from one of the worst recessions. He also passed Social Security. He was a truly great man for the people, the 99%, not the wealthy who have always been destroying the middle class and poor.

    Congress now wants nothing to do with placing term limits on Congress. They don’t want to lose the power. Republicans now know that no matter what, a new president will be elected in 8 years, assuming the current president is two terms.

    Congress is dishonest and full of wealthy folks that don’t want to lose the power for their respective parties. Most all are in the back pockets of the wealthy, and most are themselves part of the wealthy, and they will never pass legislation to hurt the wealthy; the middle class and poor be damned.

    Somehow we have to limit all members of Congress to two terms just like the President; but, I have no idea how that will ever happen. I think it will take lots of protesting, strikes and who knows what else.

    I actually believe our government is broken and can’t be fixed under the current system. It will take a revolution.

  • No Term Limits

    If a member of Congress has finally got a good idea for something and their term is up, they won't be able to present their idea. If it was good, then it would be a loss to the country. That is why I chose to vote for no term limits.

  • The cost of freedom.

    I believe there should be no term limits on any office. That includes the President. In the United States, you have the right to run for office. No law or rule should tell you that you can no longer serve your country. The only way someone should lose a position is as follows:
    -Vote out of office.

    What I am for is creating new impeachment processes for Congressmen and women. If the people of your state vote you in, and you end up doing a poor job in their opinion, that state should be able to recall and remove you from office before your term is up.

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