Should we, as humans, try to make anti-matter bombs?

Asked by: jajkalope105
  • Honor gets you killed

    As long as there is the necessity for war, the highest capacity for war i the only way to ensure survival. Guerrilla warfare is dishonorable, but effective. Napalm is devastating, but effective. Nukes are tremendously powerful and carry heavy long-term consequences, but they are amazingly effective. Using the anti-matter charge is a different story, but developing the capacity will eventually be necessary.

  • Yeah, why not

    Anti-matter could open up brand new potentials for technology, science and energy manufacturing. And a properly sized anti-matter bomb is no bigger than nuclear one, but much harder to produce. People will always find ways to kill each other, but why give up the potentials that come with this new development

  • A bomb would be a waste

    I think ongoing research in to new ways to create and store power is incredibly valuable.
    Antimatter could allow us to store tremendous amounts of energy in a very small volume and mass wich can be incredibly valuable in space exploration. 10-day round trip to Mars anyone?

    Blowing it all up, that's just wasteful

  • No, War Is Never an Ideal Thing

    War is almost always destructive to those involved and not involved. I'm not saying that war is always, 100% never okay, just that it should be the last resort, and antimatter bombs could quite literally destroy the planet. The atom bomb is bad enough, if this is a thing being built, JUST STOP!

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