• Stand Your Ground

    What is wrong with this country today? Why dont countries fear us like they used to back then? Why are they slowly taking advantage of us day by day? Because that idiot of a President refuses to take action on more important subjects, because hes to busy spending our tax money in Figi. He wants to ban weapons, and sign peace treaties with every country we have hated and have hated us for decades. He is weakening the United States and is crippling our defense system, he is basically giving countries a one way ticket to over throw our population. Why does he sit back and watch other countries prepare for a nuclear war when we could be doing the same.

  • Yes, We Should

    The longer we wait the more powerful the military of North Korea will become. Eventually, they will attain a large nuclear arsenal and advanced weaponry. Not to mention the United States is growing weaker. Ever year the United States grows a little weaker, and eventually we won't be able to stand up to North Korea.
    The solution is to eliminate this threat to world peace now, while we still can. North Korea should be invaded and its regime should be overthrown. The South Korean would then annex North Korea and then it'll just be Korea.

  • I say we nuke them.

    Now, seeing that they have threatened us many times, and even said they were developing technology that can send a nuke over the ocean too hit North America, which was said by N Korean leader Kim Jong-Un himself. While the rest of you are scared of them nuking us, they can not even send a simple rocket with very low impact explosives over the pacific. They have already tried too hit us with missiles, and failed but you expect them too hit us with a heavy pay load such as a nuke? Get real people. We have defended S Korea for many years, and N Korea has gone too war and threatened too attack S Korea and the U.S. military bases situated there. They have no allies, and all it would take is for us too take out there leader and try too turn there country into something besides communism because the people there can hardly survive because the military wont give them sufficient necessities.

  • They are antagonizing us.

    North Korea has proved to be a dangerous threat to humanity. Their cult like following of the Kim's makes them all think we are horrible people and worth being shot, nuked, or attacked using chemical weapons

    Their weapon programs have proved to be quite scary, as nuclear attacks could seiriously damage the environment and cause massive casualties and loss of life. Our knowledge of what they are doing is limited due to their complete isolation and they threaten our way of life. The US will go into panic mode because they are very afraid of the death of our republic and the massive casualties that will inevitably cause, as the media will blow everything out of proportion.

    Public opinion will make any administration buckle under the pressure. This will make the US surrender and destroy what we have had for over 300 years.

  • Yes, but with little to no civilians dying.

    North Korea has plagued our world for not even 65 years now. They've brainwashed their own people into attacking America - especially young children who do not understand attacking one another. What's more, the war against North Korea has technically started already with Trump trading jabs with Kim Jong-un. Even if they gave up testing nukes, the government and military will still have its days numbered. (Postscript: It's good that his father and grandpa passed away anyway because they were evil too.)

  • No stones unturned now!

    This is the last chance that remained to get rid of nukes that North Korea has been developing. What Kim Jung Un wants is the bargaining power that the nuke-owned super power countries have like Russia, China, France etc. Having that power alongside, Kim would ask USA or any other countries around the world to do as they are told by him. He wants to put everyone under his wing with nukes.

  • There is only one way to go, WAR

    Yes many people would say no. Of course but look at our situation now!
    We don't know when a gigantic bomb flies out of nowhere and eliminates a city. For Us and Americans citizens safety we must attack. Even though lots of people die. There is only one direction we could go now. Ladies and Gentlemen its the deadliest thing on our planet....

  • Annoying and deadly

    They have annoyed us and scared us with weaponry thats much stronger and they should be taken down before we are! They also have dealt with nuclear weapon threats which they have agreed to a treat for meaning they will eventually attack. This is why we need to stop them! NOW

  • Why are people even considering this?

    I don't think some of y'all realize that this would most likely result in a war. North Korea has more advanced nuclear weapons than us and many people will die in the process. I don't know why people think we should attack them because they "annoyed us". You're not going to get along with everyone you meet but that doesn't mean you have to kill them. Violence is the absolute last resort in my opinion.

  • No no no

    We do not need to attack unless we are attacked upon. There is no good reason that North Korea should be attacked. However, a strike would injure America and North Korean citizens that are innocent. It could also lead to strikes on our allies, including South Korea, which is in the danger zone.

  • Attacking would lead to Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Launching an attack on North Korea is not wise considering that they have developed an ICBM (a nuke that can reach America). If we were to attack them, the only outcome is 300,000 dead, innocent Pyongyang citizens and an outraged government. North Korea will launch a nuke at us without a doubt.

    North Korea hasn't followed through with a single of their threats so far. Why now? Why with a threat of such magnitude? Kim Jong Un is not that insane that he would nuke the US. He knows that the second he does, our allies will step in and North Korea is a dead country. Kim Jong Un obviously wants North Korea to survive so he WON'T strike us. Leaving us no reason to strike them first.

    Basically, the reason that North Korea is developing these nukes is for leverage. They want to make an exchange, per say. They probably will ask Trump to give them a lot of food aid in exchange for giving up their nukes.

  • Insanity to even consider attacking

    The idea that the US should make a preemptive strike on North Korea is insanity. Even if they are just bluffing about nukes, Seoul and its surrounding areas has a population of 20 million people. Just using with conventional weapons alone would mean the deaths of millions. Are you willing to do this?

  • Yes and no

    The US should not attack North Korea using standard weaponry. Instead we should "make war" using wit and cunning, like the Star Wars of president Reagan against the Sovjet Union. The people of N. Korea isn't the enemy, their government is.
    Combating evil becomes evil itself when the means used are those of the first evil.

  • Really bad idea!

    This is a good question. The answer would be no since N Korea could nuke cities. This is a good question. The answer would be no since N Korea could nuke cities. This is a good question. The answer would be no since N Korea could nuke cities. Good question.

  • This is a Stupid Thing to Even Think About

    What is wrong with you people asking these questions? This is ridicule. North Korea didn't attack us. Though they threatened to, we don't start wars, we win the ones other people pick with us. If we attack them, we're going to get knocked off our feet, and murdered. But if we let them make the first strike, they're going to wish that hadn't. The end. It's that simple.

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jjjjjjj says2018-04-03T03:37:10.887
Do not go to war