Should we attempt to permanently change human nature just because we don't like some part of it?

Asked by: themohawkninja
  • We shouldn't tamper with God's creation.

    Man doesn’t have the foresight that God has. I believe that he made everything in the
    universe perfect. If it’s not perfect
    then it’s perfectly imperfect. Man my
    try to change some of these things and inadvertently change things millions of
    years in the future. I think that we
    should focus on following God’s laws instead of always looking for a shortcut.

  • There is a bigger picture

    If it is not broke, don't fix it. Humans have evolved over millions of years and it is remedial to think that just because there is a characteristic that is deemed unpleasant by humans they should changed it. When we look back at ancient history we see how far we've come with the knowledge that was given to us. Later on in the future the entire anatomy of the human body will begin to make more sense

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