Should we ban advertisements that feature female sexuality? Why or why not?

Asked by: jasmintan88
  • Exposure to children

    There is nothing wrong with a woman showing off her body but It is something else to be showing it off in public. Advertisements made by companies such as Dove and Nivea are harmless. The women in them are wearing bras and underwear, which is still a lot of exposure but the advertisement isn't based on that but the products. Also, women do not move in a provocative way, making it solely about the product and not their bodies. This will also doesn't really effect children.
    The advertisements I have a problem with are those that can be put in the same category as pornography. This is not the kind of thing that you want your kids to be watching. It is shameful to see how little protection children have against this kind of explicit imagery. For instance, imagine my surprise when I found my 10 year old cousins watching porn. They actually called me to watch it with them. Is this the kind of behaviour acceptable? I think not!
    This all starts some where and that somewhere is indecent exposure shown by women in advertisements.

  • Lessens self esteem in women

    Women will now have a mindset of what is deemed "perfect" and they will judge others who are not as "perfect" and boycott them
    they will also be desperate to live up to the media's image, which in turn might cause severe health, mental and emotional problems in some women

  • Children on the Internet

    The internet is not just for Adults. There are kids on it too. These advertisement appear almost everywhere on the internet - from Youtube to children's game sites. Although there is the ad-block icon that can be added to the browser, some advertisements still appear and kids will wonder what it is and even click on it...

  • YES. It Must Banned.

    Nowadays, the technology is advanced. Almost all of the people in this world know internet. They search an information, comunicate each other in the internet. If there's an adds like that i believe that children who know nothing about it will have a desire to explore it. They mentality will be crushed. We can see the children's attitude day by day. So Pity! They receive a sexuality things that not been able for the age like them.

    Young generation's quality will be bad. So many things will happen. Like a sex workers (gigolo or prostitute). It make big impact. Their achievement in schools decrease. They join sex community and it's really bad for their future. The Saddest thing, they willn't have a job!

    I just talk about the adds, not about the website! The sexuality website has their warning (+18). So The Sexuality website shouldn't be banned. Because it has a function for an adults. I don't know what the function exactly. But i believe they need it for a references :D

  • It depends on how sexualized it is

    If a woman chooses to show off her body, then so be it. But kids do not need to be exposed to porn at such a young age. It sends the wrong message that girls need to show off their bodies for attention, and that's not true!! You don't need to expose yourself like that. It's really not necessary.

  • It would send a message that sexuality is bad; Use Subsidies Instead to Promote Balanced Representations in Advertisement

    Sexuality is NOT bad and NOT something to be ashamed of. Instead we should subsidize advertisements that feature male sexuality in order to promote equality. We should also subsidize advertisements that feature plumper women to balance out the representation of thin women. Some people suggest banning thin women from advertisements altogether saying they promote anorexia, but some women are not anorexic but are still naturally very thin, so that wouldn't be fair to them. Instead subsidies should be used to promote balanced representations in advertisement.

  • Sexuality is not a bad thing!

    Sexuality is not a bad thing. People (guys and gals) should have the right to show off who they are, the fact the people shun this kind of things and say "It should be left in the bedroom" annoy me. If you really think about the main purpose of humans is to make more humans.

  • Censorship Is wrong

    Considering showing "female sexuality" does not actually harm anyone there is no reason to do so and doing so would be censorship. Sexuality in both females and males is a natural part of human life and banning it is simply asinine. That being said Jasmintan argues that it "lowers self esteem in women" well do we just ban everything that lowers self esteem because some people can't understand that it's just advertising and not what everyone has to look like? I should think not.

  • There is nothing wrong with it

    Since humans came about people have wanted to look beautiful and breed with beautiful looking people. A symmetrical face shows you have good genes. Being a adult young means you are in your child breeding years. A thin and healthy body shows you will make healthy children. Ancient Romans and Greeks had paintings and sculptures of beautiful people with these characteristics. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy for your own sake and wanting to look nice do that people will want to breed with you. It is also completely biological to be attracted to good looking people who will produce healthy children. Healthy body types should be promoted. Being over or under weight should not be normalized or promoted because these body types are unhealthy and lead to fertility hand heart problems ect. We should promote a healthy body type and all people should care about to their apps refs to some extent. It's natural and human.

  • Female sexuality is not a threat warranting a ban.

    There is nothing wrong with sexuality, all adults feel it and there's no reason to pretend otherwise. If one has children, no one must cater to what they want them exposed to, it is an adult's world in the end. If an adult is personally offended by these images (whether involving females or males, it shouldn't pertain to just one) then it is an internal problem. Sexuality is a form of expression and we don't always have to like or agree with how others express themselves, we only have the choice to speak against them or refrain from associating with them, and in this way sexual advertisements can be diminished without a ban.

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Dilara says2015-02-22T01:51:39.467
Like me and toxifrost said it's completely natural to be attracted to healthy fertile people with symmetrical faces (an indicator that they have good genes) and thin bodies (an indicator of health) and a youthful look (best age for reproduction is early 20s) because all these factors will make healthy children and continue the human race. It's natural for people to want to have these qualities so people will be attracted to them and their genes will be passed on We can't strip our selves of our nature and pretend that people aren't attracted to healthy people.
Unitomic says2015-02-22T02:45:30.053
This is a dumb question. The proper version would be "Should we ban advertisements that feature sexuality". Not just female.