• Alcohol should be banned since it serves no other purpose than to get people drunk and kill kids.

    We should BAN Alcohol. 11,000 people are KILLED each year in America just from Alcohol related car crashes. Just recently a teacher and her unborn child were KILLED when a drunk hit them head on.

    Alcohol is NOT a right. It serves no other purpose then to get people DRUNK and inebriated and kill innocent families and children.


  • Alcohol should be banned.

    Alcohol is not something like water, or air that is required to live on this earth. Alcohol consumed in smaller amounts and occasionally is good for health but the majority of people cannot limit their amount of alcohol intake once they have started consuming it. We ordinary people cannot even limit the food intake so how can we limit alcohol intake once we start consuming it. One of the THIRUKURAL (verse of THIRUVALLUVAR,a divine sage of Tamil origin) lays emphasis that every man should be away from habits like drinking,smoking. Drinking spoils not only the individual but also his entire family. It is drunkards who beat their wives unnecessarily because they lose their reasoning power. There is one saying in Tamil 'KUDI KUDIYE KEDUKKUM' meaning drinking ruins your entire family. Hence I wish that government should ban alcohol consumption and consuming alcohol should be treated like a crime just like theft, murder etc. That is the most successful way of protecting our society and hence our country and path towards common good.

  • No Alcohol Please

    Alcohol is related to many problems. 80% rapes, 60% murders and more are committed under the influence of alcohol. Definitely it has a direct role to contribute. We have imprisoned a lot of criminals in the past now its time to imprison this long time culprit too. That's what I feel.

  • It is dangerous

    Too many people are immature enough that they partake in alcohol and don't think about the consequences. They could get in a car and kill someone, damage property, be sexually assaulted, or even just make a complete ass of themselves. I don't see how drinking alcohol contributes to society at all. It becomes an addiction. It's a hazard as well and it impairs judgement to an extreme amount. There is no reason that alcohol is used, except as either an escape, to get someone to lower their inhibitions, or because everybody else is doing it. These aren't reasons to allow drinking. There is no reason to drink alcohol, and once people see that by breaking free from the facade of a "good time" or that "it is fun", we will see what truly a waste of time, money, and life drinking is, not to mention long term use leading to illnesses and death of yourself on top of hurting innocent bystanders.

  • Make it all legal or ban it all

    Alcohol is a drug. It can be addictive and dangerous to ones health. Ban it or make all drugs legal. A pot smoker or heroin user has just as much right as an alcohol, nicotine or caffeine user. I guess the others don't have white horses riding in the snow at Christmas or a million chains selling coffee on every corner

  • Alcohol and Religion are the 2 greatest inhibitors of societal evolution.

    The only reason alcohol is not banned is business interest, as it is more dangerous than most illegal drugs. Alcohol is behind more than half of all violent crimes committed in our crime-ridden country. Alcohol is a major factor in preventing low class-impoverished people from getting ahead in life. Alcohol abuse is responsible for nearly all cases of domestic abuse and broken families. There is no rastional benefit to alcohol.

  • Yes, alcohol can cause serious problems, and nothing is being done to solve it.

    Alcohol, when used responsibly, can be a fun tool to relax and socialize. Yet, despite all the restrictions placed on alcohol usage, a disturbing amount of people are abusing alcohol to the point of permanent damage. More and more people in their twenties are discovering that they can no longer drink anything due to a destroyed liver, thanks to the common practice of drinking until blacking out - if they haven't had to face symptoms of alcoholism or even rehab. The drinking culture shows no signs of easing up on this escalation, and more and more young drinkers are facing serious health risks including drunk driving accidents, liver failure, and the possibility of other complications like date-rape drugs. In that light, banning alcohol may be the only way to talk seriously about alcohol culture and the issues it presents.

  • Alcohol should be banned because it is the way that the government controls us! Plus it gives you a false sense of happiness.

    Just look at the commercials on your television, always wine or beer commercials and the government uses it to keep society happy. Read Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World," it talks a lot about the theme of mind control and how alcohol develops into a new superdrug called "soma" which replaces alcohol. It's crazy because it was written in 1932 and he predicted things that haven't been invented, yet now some of those things such as cloning and the use of alcohol as a drug to keep people immersed in a sex-based culture is starting to show in our present day society.

  • Ban it forever

    It kills and it destroys families enough said! If we had done that years ago many many people would still be here. Mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters would still have each other. Any children would have gotten to grow up get married have kids. It needs to stop!

  • Ruins relationships and families

    Based on personal experience, My family had a lot of problems when my dad was still a drunkard. Issues of violence and infidelity etc. It also ruined my relationship with my then girlfriend, When she refused to sober up and stop. She loved being intoxicated more than she loved me i guess.

  • Alcohol production and distribution provides jobs to several people.

    Alcohol production and distribution provides jobs to several people. Skilled brewers and alcohol technicians will be unemployed. Alcohol production also provides a heavy amount of duty and taxes to the government. If people consume alcohol sensibly and responsibly, it will do no harm. Alcohol has also health benefits in several conditions such as in case of hypertension.

  • O new vices

    Remember the US prohibition..We do not need new vices around here.

    Take heroin for instance. It is a banned substance, now the police are overwhelmed with chasing syndicates.
    If we ban alcohol what about the benefits it provides for the many people who don't abuse it? Is it fair?

  • Read your history!

    Now we buy alcohol at liquor stores. If we ban alcohol, people will buy alcohol from a drug dealer in a back alley. But I guess getting machine gunned down for selling booze is somehow acceptable to people.
    The more surprising thing about this country is how easily people forget about this country's history...Mainly the prohibition era.
    If you think alcohol should be banned, don't drink it, don't be telling other people how you think they should live.

  • No I don't believe it is necessary to ban Alcohol.

    We should all think about the few people that don't abuse alcohol and use it for entertainment and relaxing purposes etc.
    It's the abuse of it that is why bad things happen to people.
    If there was more help and advertising in our communities for alcoholics, maybe there would be less of a problem.

  • No, it's ridiculous.

    Alcohol was banned in the 1920's and it didn't work then as the crime rates went sky high. Who's to say the same won't happen again. Also in our current society anything could happen and be so much worse than it was back in the 20's. People enjoy drinking an as long as they don't commit crimes, what's wrong with it?

  • History Proved Alcohol Cannot Be Banned

    The idea of banning alcohol is perhaps one of the most naive opinions in my estimate for numerous reasons. This most obvious reason is that this was tried once before in the United States in 1920 with the creation of the Eighteenth Amendment and the enactment of the Volstead Act. These measures sought to end the sale and distribution of alcohol, and the intent was to ban alcohol completely. Even though this was a popular amendment in Congress, throughout the 1920's alcohol was still found in almost every bar, club, and restaurant, but the only difference was that this amendment created an environment where criminals could stand to make a profit since alcohol was deemed illegal. Organized crime began to rise significantly as bootleggers sought to make fortunes off of the illegal drug, and caused a negative societal impact that would last throughout Prohibition. Another issue with the banning of alcohol during Prohibition was that enforcing it was a far greater financial undertaking than anticipated and was nothing short of a logistical nightmare. Federal Prohibition agents were the ones responsible for enforcing the Volstead Act and due to the fact that alcohol was still being distributed in nearly every establishment, they would be overwhelmed and would be unable to properly enforce the Amendment. The issue of the government focusing on alcohol when other problems should have been its main focus, along with loss of revenue from the taxation of alcoholic beverages, would also create noticeable societal and financial effects that would last throughout the Great Depression. In closing, history has a way of showing humans the roads not to travel by, because we have already done it once, and paid the price. Despite my personal dislike of alcohol, I still know that it would be unwise for society to try and ban it again. Too many people want this product, and to try and attempt to take it away from people will only lead to adverse consequences down the road.

  • No, Because It CAN be used responsibly

    To the "yes" person why should responsible users have to suffer and get punished because of other people's irresponsibility? If people are irresponsible with their alcohol and hurt themselves in the process it's their own fault. As for effects that hurt innocent bystanders, that will increase under prohibition, we've seen that happen before. That experiment did not work. What we need to do about alcoholic parents is take their children away from them if their alcoholism is preventing them from being good parents, and for drunk driving we should invest in "automatic car technology" post haste not just to prevent drunk driving but to prevent bad driving altogether. This is on the horizon and a little more investment in it will bring it here sooner.

  • No.

    Alcohol should not be banned in the United States. Adults of legal age should be allowed to drink alcohol as much or as little as they want. The effects of alcohol are fairly limited if it is used wisely. Some of the after affects of alcohol should be more closely monitored like drinking and driving. Besides It has been banned in the past and it obviously was a massive failure.

  • No, of course not

    People should have a right to do whatever they want as long as they don't violate other people's freedoms. To say otherwise would be to support sadism and tyranny. To ban alcohol would be disastrous, it would lead to crime, it would cause people to become depressed, it would be utterly destructive when, ironically, the motivation to ban alcohol would be to *stop* destructive individuals. But if individuals know exactly that the alcohol will cause them to potentially be aggressive, they've made the choice to risk a prison sentence if they assert violence against others.

  • There is no much benefit of banning alcohol.

    1) Our history already proved that it is not practical to ban alcohol and there is no decrease in the crime reports.
    2) If we try to ban this, it will come in another form as an alternative.
    3) It will be cause to loose the jobs of lot of people.
    4) If it's availability is not there, people will turn into some other form of drugs for their entertainment.

    The knife we are using in the kitchen can also be able to kill people. Because of that, is it possible to ban the manufacturing of knives.?

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Terrestrial_12 says2017-04-28T18:58:57.207
Alcohol should be banned, because it can lead to great death, and sexual abuse. Kids can get a hold of your alcohol and drink it and then end up having sex.They should have no right.Alcohol isn't even needed unless you want to do suicide because you can die from drinking it