Should we ban alcohol and cigarette companies from sponsoring of sports events?

  • Yes they should be banned

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  • Yes, we should ban alcohol and cigarettes from sporting events.

    I, personally, hate to have my game interrupted by drunken people shouting profanities. Also, I have asthma, so cigarette smoke is very painful. Yes, it does add a source of money-making and jobs, but people's health should be more important than money. Why encourage things that damage your lungs and liver?

  • Yes, Imagine it was Benson and Hedges Wimbledon

    We are trying to promote good Health to children. With T in the Park on this weekend are we saying its o.K to drink?. Advertising is everywhere these days why not call it Liver disease in the Park brought to you by Marlboro . It's such a piss take for the government to be raising prices on alcohol to combat the amount people buy but allowing events like T in the Park go ahead getting advertising there product as a household name on.

  • Yes-Tobacco companies shouldn't sponsor any events

    Tobacco companies use thier sponsorship to trap young people into using their products even though they know that toboacco is harmful. Teens are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and by taking advantage of this, the tobacco companies are crossing a borderline between capitalism and ethics
    This behavior should be banned.

  • I think they should be

    I think this because it sends the wrong idea to kids. They could think well since they sports are allowing these companies to sponsor them it should be fine to do this. Then they will do it and end up messed up and they will look back ate their and say why did I do it. Then they will remember that it was because the sports allowed the companies to sponsor them and it will wreck their entire life.

  • Yes, we should ban alcolol and cigarette companies from sponsoring sports events.

    I believe that we should ban alcohol and cigarette companies from sponsoring sports events. Cigarettes are so bad for your body causing cancer and respiratory diseases. People who play sports have to be in top notch physical shapes, so that would include not smoking cigarettes. For cigarette companies to sponsor sporting events would be inappropriate.

  • No, People know what is it

    When people go to a sporting event, They know what's there and if there's alcohol or nicotine products they know either to use them or not to use them. Same with entertainment products or technology. When you see an ad, You know what your buying and you either buy for yourself or kid or you don't because you don't like it or don't approve of it. This is why we should not ban Alcohol and cigarette companies from sponsoring sport events.

  • No why should we

    If you see an advertisement for a new phone or a new kids toy your not gonna buy it if it doesn't interest you are ya. Just because you see all the advertising doesn't mean you should go and buy them you know if you want tobacco or alcohol. Most teens now a days know the danger but the advertising isn't what is will make them want to smoke or drink. What will make kids want to smoke and drink is seeing their friends, family and just about everybody that is telling them that smoking/drinking is bad for them is doing it themselves. Rant over now.

  • Why Stop Them

    If anything is true, it is the fact that cigarettes and alcohol are bad for a person, however I do not believe they should be banned from sponsoring sports events. Although they receive advertising for this, its also a way for them to give back to the community. When you consider the large donations provided by entities like Budweiser, the amounts are large and that shouldn't be banned because its something that actually helps communities.

  • Theyre private companies

    Its strange that there are certain industries that are allowed or not allowed to do things purely because they are of an unliked industry. Tobacco and alcohol, while already heavily taxed and stigmatized, keep civilization together in many ways, and removing the idea from the thought would be futile and useless.

  • No, people know it is advertisement.

    No, we should not ban alcohol and cigarette companies from sponsoring sports events, because we all know that they are just advertising. People criticize alcohol and cigarette companies by saying that they do not give back to the community. Sponsoring athletic events is one way that these companies can give back to the communities in which they live.

  • Free Market Economy

    Unfortunately, we live in a free market economy. If alcohol and cigarette companies want to sponsor sporting events, they should. We live in a hypocritical and sometimes paradoxical society where cigarette commercials are banned from television yet there are plenty of beer, wine and whiskey commercials. Both consumer products are addictive and lead to thousands of deaths every year. Yet somehow cigarette smoking is seen as worse because it causes lung cancer instead of car accidents.

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