Should we ban all advertising of products during children's television time?

  • Absolutely, end consumerism.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the resolution. We should end the advertising of all CORPORATE products during children's television time. This insidious and seemingly innocuous behavior by corporations is spoon-feeding ideology and influence to young, malleable minds. It is branding them and causing them to be passive members in this consumeristic, material-centric society. It is reinforcing the social stratification and causing people to think, act, and behave certain ways.

  • Too much influencing

    Our children of the future will be influenced by several of these horrible ads and it may lead to even more horrifying results. This is not appropriate and can not happen in our society. I can not allow it at all. Also children's shows are for one reason - to entertain children not promote other things!

  • Ads inflict an influence on children

    Kids love watching TV. How annoying is it when your watching a nice show and suddenly it stops and an ad interferes? How about if your children are bugging you to buy the latest action figure? When kids are watching TV, they learn many things. Ads are targeted at children normally so that the child will bug their parents and their parents will be willing to buy anything to make their child happy. This will make the family lose money on things that aren't that important. So ads inflict an influence on children.

  • Wastes time on the tv programs

    Advertisers are wasting kids time with ads that are lame and boring. The program is 15 min but ads waste 15 min too so half the time you are watching ads. Therefore ads on kids television time should be banned because they suck and they are boring and irrelevant. Stop Ads!!!!!

  • Good idea, but impractical

    While the idea behind banning ads is good and noble cause, it simply isn't practical. Television channels such as nick feature children's tv most of the day and as such, wouldn't be able to feature ads for most of the day. This would cripple child focused channels as ads are a channels main revenue source.

  • Ads have too much power over everyone

    When we are on TV we see many ads and commercial breaks. When one wants to watch TV they do not want or need to watch these ads that are definitely a waste of time. The government shouldn't even put certain ads. Ads have too much power over everyone too.

  • No banning all prodcuts not the answer

    Banning all prodcuts on children's television programs is not the answer. Who is going to pay for these shows then? We would see a lot less children's programming. The key is to limit what is advertised on them. Make sure they are kid friendly and uplifting things being advertised at all times.

  • There is not enough reasons they should stop advertising.

    Practical way to make them quit advertising is someone or some associations pay money equivalent to their profit by advertising, but it looks not possible because who would pay for it? And if people on the side of disagreeing with advertisement in the time for kids, they also ought to disagree to make kids to watch tv and do computers

  • This is anti-freedom

    The government banning ads? I am sad this even has to be asked. Only some fascist would do that. Nobody forced you to watch the channel did you? If you don't like it, don't watch it. This would be a huge violation of rights and the constitution of the US.

  • Responsibility of the parents

    It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are not subjected to this kind of information. And they should definitely not be turning the guns of the government towards every problem they encounter. If it bothers them that the tv channels sends commercials when their kids are watching they should either turn off the tv and let the kids do other things, ask the tv-channels to stop sending those commercials, or they could get together and start a channel themselves that doesn't advertise towards kids.

  • No we shouldn't

    It really depends on what is being advertised while the children watches television, which in turn depends on what channels a child is tuned in to. If parents don't want their children exposed to advertisements that they think are immoral, then they should limit TV time or implement filters. Also, advertisements help pay to keep TV channels running.

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