• Yeah we should

    Stupid fat white lazy people were responsible for the giant spam war and they made the giant spam war about beating up some black kid named jamal. They only beat him up because he’s black and this site is filled with white people who have a bunch of white privilege who fail to see their own privilege and say “oh well one white guy is poor therefore it doesn’t exist”. White people dominate this website and this is why it’s in the crapper

  • I'm not racist but. . .

    White people should be banned from using internet. Color of ones skin is probably the best idicator of how person would act in the virtual space. I've heard that white people have some kind of gene that forces them to unempathetic and agressive. There are also reaserche that show that white poeple are generally less inteligent than other races

  • Ban them from debate. Org and other websites

    White people and their regressive discussions are detrimental in amplifying the voices of minorities. It's toxic and upholds the white male patriarchy that encompasses all of Western society. Debate. Org should be a safe space for minorities to share their point of view without the input of the white colonizer majority. This is true, Genuine free speech.

  • Yaaas queen u go girl

    Yaaaaas, I mean I am white and i applaud this cause. We as a majority should not have a say in the life of minorities as long as we are all able to live together peacefully. This includes in small topic spaces as such, Where i believe that white people are actually listened to, So this would just be “leveling the playing field”. I understand how some people may think that losing the right of speech is not okay, But nobody seemed to care when it wasn’t happening to them, So yeah,

  • Yes and no

    Being white and seeing a lot of stupid white peaples i tend to put yes but you can't punish an entire group just because one part of them are ass holes, Actually most of the white peaples deserve suffer because a lot of them are terrible peaple, But a lot of them suffer too about being lgbtq+, Give an minor opinion or even being a furry( kill with fire)

  • No you subhuman

    Whites created civilization, Ancient egyptains wer white and greeks too. White people have got the best bodies and are really superior to ethnic crcker whos don't even know what 2 + 2 is hah? They should all get out from white countries so we could have better national IQ score i doubt that if white poeple didnt exist that civilization would ever be born

  • Here we go again.

    All races comprise of a litany of personalities, As diverse from one another. To single out EVERY member of the Caucasian race of bearing the colors of moral/spiritual depravity and unlawful endeavor rendered into the open by a mere few reeks of an unjust act of generalization.

    CONCLUSION: Not every Caucasian is an ignorant fool with a
    propounding tendency to sprout racism, And not every Negro is a victim, Reeling from the indignant castrations at the hands of his masters

  • That´s incredibly ignorant.

    Hate speech should not be allowed under any form especially on an intellectual website like this. This is just racist, It truly is. Worse than that there is the dangerous idea that the "white guys" need to feel bad about themselves just for being white which is of an appalling attempt to repeat errors from the past in which "white guys" are blamed on until this very day. Sometimes people are beat up not by the color of their skins but by the ignorance of their claims and I find it even worse that up until now, No one had the courage to respond to this. . . Whatever this is. There is nothing wrong about being white or black, Or red or yellow or man or woman but there is something fundamentally wrong about trying to do to others what you don´t like that others do to you.

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