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  • Art is the light of my school life!

    Art is a very enjoyable subject. It gives kids a chance to express themselves, and is just as important as any other subject. It often ties in with history if you study art from a certain time period. It can help kids relax and works as a kind of therapy. Painting your life and feelings is good for you.

  • Studies show that art helps students learn

    Scientific studies have shown that when schools offer arts classes (including band, choir, drama, and culinary arts), their students also excel in other subjects such as math, history, science, and language classes. Expressing ourselves creatively is important. It's what makes us different from animals, and it gives our brains a chance to relax so we can do better in other subjects when we go back to them.

  • Why take away something which expresses creativity?

    As a 13 year old kid studying I found that art allows you to express yourself. Not just art but music too. Not that Im good in art but the thing I like about it is that it allows you to express yourself in a more creative manner. Rather than sitting in a boring classroom staring into space which just makes you think the teachers want you to think versus thinking creatively.

    Another point is that students may find their interests. School isnt just a place for you to learn in or bond with friends. Its a place for you to find your interest. You may be bad in every single subject in the world be in math,english,etc. Through this one will feel discouraged as they may feel they arent talented. But we all are in our own unique ways. And this talent could very well he our interest which stated earlier school is a place for us students to find our interests. If we find that we arent good in anything,one might suffer depression or even worse commit suicide. Why? Because they dont think they are like everyone else. Theyll feel like an outcast to society and feel that we dont need them.

    Also, us students arent robots or anything. We cant just stick to english,math,science,etc. Our minds can only do so much to absorb all the formulas and techniques. We need something where we can relax in. Something which we dont have to memorise formulas and anything which could make our brains ‘explode’.

    In conclusion I dont think that we should remove art. Because who are we to play god? To remove someones interest or something where we dont have to relax from all the boring classes like math and english. After all, god gave us our talents for a reason. If we dont put it to use then there would be no point for that one talent god gave us. And we arent robots we cant just memorise E=MC2 and personification in just an hour. We need something to relax our minds and not act like robots. As what my PE(physical education) teacher said and I quote”I really pity the students. One moment you have science then the next moment you have english. You guys arent treated as humans,you’re treated as robots and that doesnt uphold our last school value which is humanity.” Id like to end by questioning those who say art should be banned(for those who have graduated and are having jobs):Without art, could you be that one creative person you are today?

  • No we shouldn't ban the Arts

    Banning art is like banning history and philosophy since it covers a wide range of topics going into subjects like; Russian Constructivism, Futurism, Modernism, Impressionism, and a long list of others. There is way to many people who think that art is just "drawing triangles" (According to one really alcoholic principal.) and shouldn't get treated as if it's valueless by likely ignorant people. Art depicts the very concepts of what a society goes through like Mussolini Fascism in Italy. It's an insult that there is to many people who understand little of it's value to society when everyday our lives have been affected by its influences on how we build our cities, how we value our families, the cry and outrage of the mistreated, the fury of a nation, and depiction of modern society.

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