Should we ban automatic auditory popups from the internet?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I’m not interested in 99. 99% of what these unsolicited ads are purporting to offer me. And I’ll look elsewhere for the remaining 0. 01%

    When I’m reading the news or looking at an interesting article, I’m doing so because I’m reading the news or looking at an interesting article. Not because I have nothing better to do with my time that I may be pleasantly surprised to be distracted by anything else. What the hell are these ad people thinking? How can these ads be anything’s but annoying?

  • Pop ups should be banned

    I think it is wrong for advertisers to slow up my device. I actually note the companies that use pop up adds and will NEVER buy from them. I am perfectly OK with adds in the margin of a site, and i don't mind targeted adds that "learn" my interests from previous browsing sessions. If a web site is loaded with pop ups, i never return to that site. It is dead to me. One important thing to note is that i do not shop in stores anymore. Not @ all. I shop on Amazon and the site is perfect. Fast and smooth. If you want my money, pay attention. My time is valuable to me. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Annoying, work ruiners and processing power reducers

    1. Distract you from work especially when they open new tab and you have to find the one you worked with
    2. Annoying when you watch a movie especially in a living room wide screen and you have to sit up and go to the computer to take the thing out
    3. They consume CPU and GPU power (and electrical power consequently) and the system starts to lag, some times it crashes when the popup contains video. That's a big problem when you do work, it means that you may loose work or the minimum; time to reopen applications and find again your rythm
    4. Some of them have explicit content (usually porn and violence) for kids in pages where there is no such content

  • They can't be stopped

    There are pop ups everywhere. Not only that, there are pop unders which embed themselves in a Web page opening many pop ups. The only solution is a pop up blocker. There are entire companies who make pop ups like pop ads, project wonderful, srv123, browser-update. Org, adchoices, taboola, and so many more. I think you may have ad ware on your computer.

  • Yes pop ups should be removed.

    Pop-ups are really annoying because if you are playing a game (like Flappy Bird), they come up constantly and mess you up if you are trying to beat your high score. Another reason why is because if you are watching a movie on your tablet or phone, the ads pop up and you the funny part of a the movie.

  • Yes they are super annoying

    Yes they are because if your watching a movie or playing a game most free apps have pop ups like flappy bird and other popular free games they come up constantly and frequently. Usually if your trying to beat a high score and you click on an add or pop up.

  • Most annoying thing in the world

    And it certainly doesn't make me want to buy the product. In fact I note the product in my head and I AVOID buying it. I suggest others do the same. It's especially annoying when I'm trying to watch a video online and it pops up and makes noise. They should have to stick to visual popups or if they want auditory popups then you should have to press play on the popup before the auditory part starts.

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