• Yes we should ban beauty pageants

    A beauty pageant is a contest to see who is prettier. I do not agree with that at all because who cares? All that contest does is make people feel bad about them their self's. Kids should not be worrying about wearing makeup and being ugly because a contest made them them feel like they weren't good enough because they don't look like a girls with a face caked with makeup.

    Posted by: kwh
  • No more beauty pageants

    It like telling a girl there not beauty if they do not cake on layers of make up! And if you do win yeah but really get to acting like a brat like the the pageants shows . It Plus it make the girls think they have to look this way or there ugly! Is that what you want to teach the kids?

  • While I hate beauty pageants with a passion, I don't think they should be banned.

    Some people really enjoy entering beauty pageants, and it is wrong to try and take it away from them. However, I think that the rules should be more specific. No plastic surgery, and children should not be able to do it. I think it should be a thing, just not the way that it is. It's just that some people get a lot of joy our of beauty pageants.

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