• Yes, We should

    There is something i never seem to understand. Animals can't fight but people can. I believe boxing is just a violent type of sport and we are not getting anything from it. Of course those people organising and betting are making their money. Are we teaching violence or non violence? I have seen some opposing ideas saying let people do what they wish. . . Thats the most stupid argument someone can say. . . Why do we have gun control? Why not let people do what they wish. . . Why do we have laws? If we let people do what they really wish the world won't last for a day

  • Ban boxing please

    We should ban boxing because there are so many people a year that die from it. We should also ban it because most people only do it for the money and for the fame. Also there are so many kid that watch it that think o if they almost kill them then it is ok for me to do that. This is only a few reasons why we should ban boxing.

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  • I don't think so.

    Sure boxing has its risks, But so does everything else in life. It's not like the boxers are being forced to participate. They already know the risks that come with the sport. It really doesn't matter why they do it whether it's for fun, Fame, Or money. It's their decision in the end.

  • Its for our entertainment

    We watch it for fun and they know perfectly well the risks that come with the gig. Its their choice to fight and if the die, They die on their own terms. The risk are in the job description. They could get out when their contract is over and this is the end of my essay

  • I love boxing! (Please Read)

    It is so hot how two men wrestle with each other! So hot! Idc if its weird, I can be gay if i want and you can't judge me. But ugh! I love when they get on top of each other. Its so freakin hot, It makes me hard. Uwu

  • Of course not

    The government interferes to much in personal affairs as it is, As long as a person is off sound mind and not coerced in any real way if they want to have their brains bashed in? Let them. Laissez-faire. Let people do as they wish. Enough with this nanny state non sense.

  • They know what they are getting into

    Boxing may cause injuries and deaths but many boxers earn well deserved fame and money from this sport and train very hard. Boxers understand that boxing can be painful and cause injuries but they are smart enough to decide their own career choices and whether or not it's worth it to fight. Is it really fair to take away a successful sport and boxers freedom to to fight?

  • It’s a sport

    Boxing (and the wider world of combat sport) has existed in one form or another for thousands of years and is the worlds oldest sport. It appeals to humankind’s natural desire for combat, But allows this in a safe and regulated environment. Those that compete do so out of their own free will and understand the associated risks.

    Posted by: Gas
  • A sport of men V2.

    Boxing has been and will always be a popular sport worldwide. Boxing has evolved from just regular old boxing matches with punching you're opponent to grappling them and putting them into certain holds to put them into submission.
    Not only that, But you really think they'll stop the cash flow that is produced by this entertaining sport? No.

  • Sport of men.

    I'ts one on one battle. Your only weapons are your fists. Your only protection is a cup and padding to protect your knuckles. It's the oldest of the few sports left where your not only allowed but encouraged to punch your opponent as hard as you can tell they can't take any more.
    What is sad is how soft football has become. These use to have the same types of athletes, Willing to continue no matter how much damage they have taken. Begging to be put back in, Injured or not. I have heard of player going back out with broken fingers and hands that are held together with tape.

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