• It is completely unethical to keep child perfromers

    Child perfromers are overworked, Molested and usually lead a very bad life filled with drugs and achohol. Parents usually take all the money from the children so their work is for nothing. 8 year olds are, By law, Allowed to work for 8 hours everyday for 5 days staight. I rest my case.

  • Ban child performers!

    Do we really want children robbed from their childhood? While other children are busy enjoying games or playing whatever they wish to play, A child performer is busy cramming lines into a movie memorizing a lyrics or scheduling for an interview. Such co-curricular activities for a child usually limits a child from fully attending formal education given its importance in life.

  • Parents are using children as a labor

    Most of the parents wants that their child should win all the social competitions.They use them as labor so that the parents can achieve the credit of their success.Nowadays children because of their parent's pressure,only wanted medals and certificates.And also, if they are used for entertainment,then you people only tell us that is it good for children to be as labors for the entertainment of the other people.

  • There should be a minimum age and a limitation of hours

    In a very real sense, child performance is child labor. The arguments against child labor directly apply to child performance for all the same reasons: money, interference with school, exposure to inappropriate social situations, etc.

    They should be allowed to grow up before being put on stage. It's very well documented that many child stars resent their early careers due to their lack of agency in the matter.

  • The ban of child performers is completely ethical.

    Let's face it, we have had child labor laws in this country and around the world for at least the past 60 years if not longer. We don't let children under 16 years old work in most industries because of the risk, danger, and distraction from education, so why should they be allowed to work in the entertainment industry? Not only is this not healthy for the children, but what does it say about our society that we demand to see kids sing and dance for us? In a way it's very messed up.

  • It Showcases Talent

    Children are just like adults, in the sense that they want to showcase what they're good at and get commended for it. Why waste talent when one has it at a young age? At a younger age it is easier to perform, one doesn't have the pressure of marriage andone has more energy.

  • No, but we need to abide by strict laws.

    Child performers are somewhat needed, in a way, in the entertainment industry. For example, who else could play children in movies and on television shows? That being said, there are laws about how often they can work and the fact that they must have an education. It would also be good if their parents were required to take some sort of classes about how to manage the children's money better, etc. Child performers stereotypically grow up to have problems, so we do need to look more into what causes this.

  • They should show their craft.

    No, we should not ban child performers, because most child performers love what they do. Children should be able to get paid for their good work when someone wants to pay them, rather than to have to work for free until they are 18. It is more fair to pay them than require them to volunteer. Children are talented and should have the same opportunities adults have.

  • No, we should not.

    By no means are child performers bad. Some children learn skills from performing that they will use for their whole life. By taking this away, you could possibly take away a major part of their future. And isn't the future of the children what's most important to all of us?

  • They love it

    No, most performers in different areas of entertainment know that they want to perform from a very young age, so they should be able to get a chance to do what they dream of, even if they are children. It does not matter how old you are, just if you like it.

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