Should we ban co-ed wrestling in high school athletics?

  • Its very awkward to wrestle a girl

    Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of touching a girl, especially since it is wrestling some parents dont like the idea and to new wrestler is discourages them from joining. Also why not just make a league for girls just like any other sports, this has nothing to do with equality.

  • Girls need to have a separate league for wrestling.

    I'm a kid who goes to a catholic school, and I don't want to mistreat a girl. So I do not want to wrestle a girl, because I am a gentleman who respects females. I wrestle for my school, and I have to wrestle girls. It just doesn't feel right.

  • Males and females cannot wrestle at the same level.

    These are pretty much the options.
    1. Make a girls wrestling team
    2. It shouldn't be a problem if a boy refuses to wrestle a female.
    Making a boy wrestle a girl IS NOT an option, unless you're LUCKY that the boy is willing to wrestle her. If a coach has a boy on the team, who is the best in his weight class, not willing to wrestle girls, there's really nothing he can do.

  • It's unfair for males and females

    From the standpoint of a male wrestler it is very awkward and weird to have to wrestle a girl. I'ts very humiliating to lose to a girl, which makes things worse. I feel like women would also benifet from not having co-ed wrestling. I don't understand why we can't have women's varsity wrestling teams in high school. You could have girls competing against girls and guys competing against guys, and everyone would be happy. I also think that if we had women's wrestling teams that more girls would go out for the sport. That's pretty much how it is for every other sport; they have men's basketball, and women's basketball, softball and baseball. In track, swimming, and cross country women compete against women and men compete against men.

  • Yes, they need two separate teams, just like for any other sports.

    Let me say something simple first. Coed wrestling is becoming problems for a lot of people (mostly boys). Non-coed wrestling? I can't think of any problems that could be involved.
    The schools need to have two teams, one for guys and one for girls, so it there will be two options and then guys won't have to worry about wrestling females.

  • Isn't this double standards?

    There are a number of males that feel it is indecent to attach themselves to females in an position which borders physical sexual harassment. Something simple as a limb lock could physically hurt a females breasts, where a male would be unhindered in the pectoral area (unless of course targeted). I wouldn't want my daughter playing rugby with men, and the same should count for wrestling.
    Both males and females are capable of most if not all the same physical feats, however they are created different from each other, therefore should have different rules apply to them.

  • Yes, males and females cannot fairly wrestle together in high school.

    Having seen male wrestling, it is hard to imagine that a male in high school of good intentions would feel right about treating a female this way. A male without good intentions could do harm psychologically or physically. And a female who is confused could wind up with a lawsuit against her fellow wrestler or even the school.

  • I think girls should wrestle girls.

    It just feels weird to reseal a girl and as a male reseller I know how it feels to resale a girl. It also looks wrong. I agree that girls and boys should be equal but it just needs to be arranged that boys resale boys and girls resale girls.

  • It puts a young gentleman (you know, the kind we want to raise) in an awkward position

    If girls want to wrestle, they should wrestle each other. When I was growing up, we didn't have a high school wrestling team so those who wanted to wrestle for inter school wrestling teams. Why can't girls do that? And if there is enough in a particular school, there could be a girls wrestling team, just like there is a girls basketball team.

  • Stop this NOW

    Boys from an early age are taught not to rough handle a girl and are punished if they do. Last week at a high school match a really good male wrestler was almost pinned 2 times while ahead on points because he was afraid of hurting her. Luckily there was a blood clean up delay. The male was told that if a girl steps on the mat she is no different that a boy and he needs to wrestle as if he was wrestling a boy. He went back out and pinned her. After he match he said he would never wrestle a girl again and would give a forfeit. How is this fair to the boys to be subjected to a double standard in their raising? There are places boys should not be and places girls should not be and thIs is one of those places. If not boys should be instructed to treat them like other boys and there will be no discipline to any boy if a girl gets hurt. You will not have it both ways LIBERALS

  • The wrestler should be able to choose

    I am a girl wrestler and I wrestle boys almost every practice, And we have never ran into any problems with it. You can have all male, All female and co Ed wrestling league. A lot of sports have this, If I boy is really scared of wrestling a girl or Vice versa then they don’t have to be in co Ed. But you shouldn’t ban co Ed all together, Because you will be ruining it for wrestlers who want to enjoy the sport without having gender restrictions.

  • As a female coed wrestler:

    Yes, Although muscle mass between girls and boys can be extremely different at the same weight class, Only muscle can't be used to win the sport. It is the technique of the sport that will help one win. Those concerned with the boys fighting girls, The girl know what they are getting into.

  • The boy always

    If the boy beats the girl then he lose due to hurting her and if he does a good move it doesn’t matter because she is a girl. If he goes easy he lose and we’ll he just lost to a girl. It is also weird to touch a girl. I notice that when I had to wrestle a girl she grabbed me near my ommm you know, I never noticed that for a man, I support girls wrestling but not against boys, being on the same team is ok but in compation no

  • Here for my Daughter

    My daughter is in her second year of school and club wrestling. She likes the competition of wrestling the people in her weight class. She also finished her last two years in grid kid football and school football. You wouldn't ban them from competing against each other in any other sport would you?

  • No no no

    The girls should be considered equal in the sport. Guys can cheer so why couldn't girls wrestle. If a guy feels threatened by a girl then why does he wrestle in the first place. Sure a guy should be allowed to refuse to wrestle but that should and will be a win for her.

  • There would be no need to have separate teams.

    In co-ed wrestling they wrestle according to size. I think it would be better if they wrestled according to bone size. Why? Because bone size determines muscle size and muscle size determines strength. Therefor if they wrestle according to bone size boys can not be stronger based upon his gender. This would take away the strength advantage of males so that the match would be determined by skill alone.

    This would make girls wrestling boys more fair. And would probably result in more female victories than at the present time and then there would be no need to have separate teams.

  • Come on guys

    While I am not actually a wrestler, I am a wrestling manager for my high school wrestling team. I hear the guys talk about wrestling girls all of the time and more times then not its in a positive light. I have noticed that the coaches and dad's of the wrestlers are the ones that flip out right before a match when the opponent is a girl. I have also noticed that most of the female wrestlers are far more hardcore and dedicated to the sport then a lot of the guys. So why would we tell a girl that she isn't good enough or equal enough to compete in the sport they love?

  • NO, they should not

    I'm a girl wrestler and I work my ass off all year long. Being a girl there are advantages and disadvantages but telling a girl that she cant do something because she is physically different is bull shit. Some people may have to work harder at something then others but that dose not mean they should make a law saying I cant do something that makes me happy. I'm the one that sighed up for all of the pain and hard work that it takes

  • Its a Sport...

    I'm a girl wrestler and I work hard to compete with the guys. I think that's why I am somewhat decent because I'm always struggling to catch up, but when I beat them its a huge accomplishment. If a guy has a problem with that, then his head isn't in the match and he will lose. His loss. Every pun intended.

  • We're all equal

    Everyone is equal, so why not have a team of boys and girls? If there isnt enough for a full line up then why not? If your school has a full line up of both genders then go for it have a boys team and a girls team but if your boys line up is too short then let a girl wrestle cause those 6 points matter.

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