• Yes! It can cause a lot of harm.

    Contact sports is just what its name says. You must make contact with people to play the sport. This has sometimes even led to death. Only recently, a contact sport player died. I know. How sad would their family be? If he hadn't played that contact sport, he would have lived many, many more years to come. Also, people can get seriously injured in many different places. Even if it may be the joy for people, and they have their rights, it is utterly dangerous. It has already led to many deaths and injuries already! We must ban contact sports while we can, before it gets out of control.

  • Why should we

    We shouldn't ban contact sports because I don't think it is harming anyone and it is very popular so it would mean more kids wouldn't have a sport to play because most kids play contact sports. In my opinion it would be heart breaking to stop contact sports
    DO NOT

  • Do you want to die?

    If you play these contact sports then you will die earlier then the rest of the people who don't play contact sports. Do you really want to die. Do you? Didn't think so. So this is the reason why I think contact sports should be banned. Don't die. Don't do contact.

  • .............Its rugby .........

    Well you just get screwed over by some big mudda trucker who decides that you are one comfy cushion which ends up with your testicles in your ears when some one tackles you. So basically if you don't want to get screwed over than ban it> simple as that!!!! :P

  • I've first hand taken injuries from contact sports .

    I had a mystery ligament tear whilst playing rugby as I took a blow and was forced to play on. Leading on from this my growth spurts where skewed and my tendon now grows into my bone. I developed ozgutslzus disease and have been off sport for a total of two years, this is surely not healthy for a twelve year old boy.

  • Ban Contact Sports

    How would you feel if you heard that your son or daughter had died in a contact sport. Children can get concussions, broken bones, ect. People say that is a freedom of speech, but is it really worth risking your health just to play a sport. Lets be smart people.

  • It's so cool!

    I hate contact sports because it's so rubbish and everyone is mean and it's so shifty and dirty and you end up so muddy and it's so immature because I hate it and it's so rubbish yeah I think I already said that but who cares? I hate it! :(

  • Are you trying to kill your children

    A row has erupted over whether contact rugby should be banned in schools after a group of more than 70 doctors wrote a letter calling for the government to remove the sport from school. The letter, addressed to ministers, chief medical officers and commissioners, said students should play touch rugby as tackling and scrums pose a risk of injury. Fractures, concussions, spinal and head injuries are among the consequences of under-18s playing the contact sport, with the health experts saying the conditions can have short-term, life-long, and life-ending consequences for children. The majority of all injuries occur during contact or collision, such as the tackle and the scrum, the letter read. A link has been found between repeat concussions and cognitive impairment and an association with depression, memory loss and diminished verbal abilities, as well as longer term problems. Children take longer to recover to normal levels on measures of memory, reaction speed and post-concussive symptoms than adults.

  • Not a fan of sports.

    Yep. That simple. I can also think of a half dozen proper reasons. But the main one? I just simply don't care for them. Contact sports is dangerous. As xoxtalking.Cute states here in this page, contact sports have already led to deaths and injuries. To suggest that these deaths shouldn't serve as sufficient warning to us is basically begging for sports to kill more. This way at least, we can cut our losses.

  • BECAUSE. We risk our lives

    We risk our lives playing contact sports every day so that our parent can just not be bored out of their minds so they just watch us get hurt and expect us to be alright and oh just go walk it off well sometimes we can't walk it off mom maybe we have a broken leg mom.

  • We do dangerous things every day

    For goodness sake! We have car wrecks every day many of them all over the freakin' country. HEY!!! LET'S BAN EM'! IT'LL MAKE THINGS SAFER FOR THE WORLD. Other than dying of heat exhaustion while walking on the road or freezing to death if it's cold outside. My point is: football can be a fact of life. Sports. Most sports people love are contact sports. Yes, it can cause injuries, but if people could teach their kids to play it safely, that could not be a problem. I mean, come on. People can teach people to drive safely, what about sports, can't we?

  • There are risks in everything

    There are risks in absolutely everything we do. More people die in cycling than football. And guess what, that is not a contact sport. In America cheerleading is the most dangerous sport. And that is not a contact sport either. Everything we do have risks. We don't ban them just because there are risks involved, that's jsut apart of life. Again, we don't need to ban it just because it is risky. We have safety measures, protective gear and rules in place already to ensure risks are to a minimum. Safety measures include first aids, physiotherapist and medical crew on the fields at all times. We have protective gear such as helmets, mouth guards, strapping and bodily pads. Finally we have rules in place to avoid injury such as games off after injury, no tackling while in the air and no tackling above the shoulders in football. These safety measures aren't in place for no reason, they are there to protect and prevent. These people are putting there body on the line to play the sport they love. Instead of getting rid of it we just need to reinforce the safety measures to ensure people don't get hurt. If we do this it is a win win situation for everyone as the people worried about people getting hurt will be safe and people wont be losing a sport they enjoy and love.

  • We shouldn't ban it!!!

    People always r like omg contact sports is like so dangerous but I have to say, thousands of people die of cars why cant we ban them, thousands of people drown in beaches lets ban public access to beaches. Thousands of people die of cancer, ban cancer. Not last one

  • It's my right to play my sport

    No not at all. It's my choice to play football and put my body on the line for my team. Plus if you can't get that through you thick skull, then think about money. The nfl brings in millions of dollars a year. It's crazy to even think of banning contact sports. Besides who has the power to do that, government? Heck no.

  • Why would it get banned?

    The main argument against it is that its dangerous. Cars are more dangerous than contact sport. Should we just ban those? How about lets ban everything, since everything is to some level dangerous.
    That would be ridiculous, and so is the argument that contact sports are dangerous, so no.They shouldn't be banned.

  • Because I'm a liberal.

    We shouldn't ban contact sports because it's up to the person's own autonomy to choose what to do with their body and their spare time, insofar as it is morally permissible (and even then, sometimes.)
    My problem with some people's answers is that they criticise the idea of banning things to do with 'liberals'. I'm not sure why they think this, but they're wrong. The idea of being a liberal is to do with liberty (it's pretty obvious - look at the spelling). A liberal desires fewer laws preventing a person to do X. It's a conservative notion (or authoritarian) to impose lots of laws and ban lots of things.

  • Freedom of choice

    There is no logical reason to ban something that has no negative effect on individuals who do not partake in it. Taking away someones right to choose to play in a competitive sport that has contact is not only against the idea of freedom, but against nature. Mankind has been playing contact sports since the dawn of civilization. It is a cultural and historic thing that has people push their athletic capabilities to the limit.

    But ultimately this comes down to you have no right to ban someone else to do something that does not cause harm to those who choose not to play it.

  • It depends on

    What qualifies as a contact sport, like in example, would ping ping be a contact sport if you get hit by the ball? Or could chess be a contact sport if you touch one of the chess pieces? I think this topic was ill phrased. But no we shouldn't ban contact sports.

  • Self Choice Made

    Contact Sports has had its fair share of injuries, but which sport hasn't had injuries? Skateboarding, running, and sometimes even golf has had their own injuries; but we still move on. Why ban contact sports because someone can get injured? While in reality, the player is the person who decided to play the sport in the first place. Let the player make his or her own choice to play a sport, even if it has a lot of potential injuries. Just because your afraid does not mean others are afraid.

  • Culture, Camaraderie, Commitment

    Contact sports provide players and spectators a means of exercise (not really for the spectators, but they might want to get involved), friendship/teamwork (depending on the sport), commitment, and a release for what otherwise could be more violent human tendencies. In the UK, football is a means of socializing, not just for the players, but for the spectators at their local pub. It's a similar act around the globe, in which people will invite friends over to see 'the game'. Sometimes these same people try the game out for themselves.
    Those who participate in the sport are provided (if in moderation) a healthy dose of exercise.
    If we were to ban contact sports, there would be a number of games at the olympics which we would cease to have. There would be no more fencers, boxers, martial artists, footballers, hockey players, etc. These sports have played a part in our history and our culture. (Not that this is any reason to keep anything if it is bad, I am saying that contact sports are good though for the reasons above.) It seems appropriate to maintain and potentially even promote contact sports for the sake of cultural and social improvement.

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