• Animals aren't food, clothing items or experimental objects!!

    If it is sick, illegal and unacceptable to farm humas for food, clothes and experiments, then it should be the same for animals! Just because, they do not speak our language, does not mean that they do not suffer or feel the horrible pain. Our lives aren't superior than animals'. They are here with us! The excuse ' humans have been eating them since la di da...' is futile! If a person is wise enough to know the lenght of suffering animals have endured, then he/she should be wise enough not to come up with the excuse to look stupid.

  • It's a horrible way to treat animals.

    No animal should be skinned alive to use for humans. That video posted by fliss0195 is awful. Animals are living things, and do not deserve that kind of treatment. We don't skin humans alive, so how can you do it to animals? I think all fur should be banned, for the animal's sake.

  • Yes - watch the video to find out why.

    Anyone that agrees or wears fur is either naive of callous. People either do not care or do not want to hear the truth, animals that we think of as pets like dogs are trapped in awful conditions in tiny steel cages with no food or water left to bleed to death, be electrocuted bludgeoned or SKINNED ALIVE. Watch this video to find out the truth: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=3yl7j7wOPZw

  • No, fur cannot be banned; but its use should be discouraged.

    Fur can likely never be completely banned as a whole. However, everyone should be discouraged from wearing the more exclusive furs. Already, it is not very accepted by most of society for people to wear fur when only the animal's pelt is "consumed" (such as with chinchilla and mink), i.e., the higher-class furs. However, with some animals, like sheep, cattle, and rabbits, the meat is also utilized, making it actually less wasteful to also find a use for the hide. When fur is a by product of another industry, utilizing it is not wasteful, but rather a good use of resources.

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