• Animals are treated discustingly bad

    Eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals who were held captive on fur factory farms, Where they were crammed into severely crowded, Filthy wire cages. Many were later beaten or electrocuted and sometimes even skinned alive. De fur industry’s don’t and won’t put any effort in treating these animals normal, Because they will get killed anyway.

  • That fur was coat was never yours

    The rich wear fur for vanity.
    Nobody needs to wear fur anymore. I have a real issue with the unethical treatment of animals which include the torture just for the sake of making us look better.
    Fur remains on animals.
    If we take their fur, Then we take their identity.

  • Fur should be Banned

    The animals lives are already at risk from animal hunting and now for fur? How much animals need to die? Please reply. 20% of animals are already extinct, If we keep on going soon all of animals will be extinct plus, We’ve got fake fur why do we need real fur when we’ve got real fur?

  • It Isn't Necessary

    Animals such as cows are killed for mainly meat, And their leather is just another way to profit from the death of the animal. Fur farming is only used for the fur coat of the animal, Which isn't needed. We need a source of protein to survive that is reliable, While fur for clothing and accessories isn't necessary. They are only killed for what people want instead of what they need.

  • Ban real fur

    Ban real fur Because animals are being killed for their fur and only their fur. Animals don't deserve being killed just for their fur, They deserve to live their whole life span not a short and sad life in a cage dying of hunger and thirst we should respect the animals as much as we respect our friends and family
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  • Fur needs to be banned

    Every day 200 different of cats, Dogs, Rabbits weasel are butchered alive in Asian countries. You're saying that you don't care if you hung upside down and knocked in the head and slowly someone pulls your skin out and they don't care if you scream in pain? After you are skinned, You are dumped with no care while you still are conscious. You slowly die in pain under the hot sun with only your flesh showing

  • Animals aren't food, clothing items or experimental objects!!

    If it is sick, illegal and unacceptable to farm humas for food, clothes and experiments, then it should be the same for animals! Just because, they do not speak our language, does not mean that they do not suffer or feel the horrible pain. Our lives aren't superior than animals'. They are here with us! The excuse ' humans have been eating them since la di da...' is futile! If a person is wise enough to know the lenght of suffering animals have endured, then he/she should be wise enough not to come up with the excuse to look stupid.

  • It's a horrible way to treat animals.

    No animal should be skinned alive to use for humans. That video posted by fliss0195 is awful. Animals are living things, and do not deserve that kind of treatment. We don't skin humans alive, so how can you do it to animals? I think all fur should be banned, for the animal's sake.

  • Yes - watch the video to find out why.

    Anyone that agrees or wears fur is either naive of callous. People either do not care or do not want to hear the truth, animals that we think of as pets like dogs are trapped in awful conditions in tiny steel cages with no food or water left to bleed to death, be electrocuted bludgeoned or SKINNED ALIVE. Watch this video to find out the truth: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=3yl7j7wOPZw

  • Ban real fur

    Because animals are being killed for their fur and only their fur. Animals don't deserve being killed just for their fur, They deserve to live their whole life span not a short and sad life in a cage dying of hunger and thirst we should respect the animals as much as we respect our friends and family

  • No Fur Should Not Be Ban

    This country is becoming dictators first they want to ban abortions taken a woman's right to make that choice about her body now they trying to tell us grown people who pay taxes that we don't have a right to purchase Furs if we choose to animal rights need to focus on their beliefs and not push it on people who believe to do whatever they want meaning if they don't want to wear furs that's their freedom of choices
    These same hypocrites wants to make marijuana legal so that these young'uns can get high off of marijuana but they want to Ban Real Furs
    That's being a hypocrite animals going to die anyway so what you going to do when they die naturally you going to throw the fur away I wish the animal rights people go somewhere and drown and leave people rights alone to do whatever they choose to do and what they choose not to do if you don't want to purchase Furs
    Then don't buy them but don't push your beliefs on people who choose to wear Furs
    I'm going to continue to purchase Furs
    This country is supposed to be a freedom choices New York is a city of diversity for those who do and those who choose not to do nobody should take
    Other People's rights away from any of us that's what voting is all about everybody have their choices

  • Better to throw away the carcasses, Unused?

    Culling the herd. Heard of it? Fish and Game officials must balance the populations, To save other species, And issue hunting tags to accomplish this. Those hunters help to cull the herd. Otherwise, Fish and Game officials just shoot the animals and throw them away. With California's recent ban on kangaroo hides, More than 40, 000 kangaroos were shot and just left there to rot, Because there was no longer a need for their hides. Happy? Pick up a book every once in awhile, And learn something. . .

  • Fur is one of the most sustainable materials and consumers have the right to choose

    Fur these days has risen to high standards to deal with the criticism of previous decades. It is not even a fraction as cruel as people think it is and the unused portions of animals are NOT discarded - they are used to make fertilizer, Feed, Fish food, Cement, Cosmetic oils. Plus the animals themselves eat unusable food waste/meat. It is highly regulated. Plus it is sustainable and fights overconsumption. One fur coat lasts decades and decades. Most coats made of synthetics barely last a season and end up in landfills. Finally, All in all, Consumers have the right to choose and should not have such views forced on them.

  • No, fur cannot be banned; but its use should be discouraged.

    Fur can likely never be completely banned as a whole. However, everyone should be discouraged from wearing the more exclusive furs. Already, it is not very accepted by most of society for people to wear fur when only the animal's pelt is "consumed" (such as with chinchilla and mink), i.e., the higher-class furs. However, with some animals, like sheep, cattle, and rabbits, the meat is also utilized, making it actually less wasteful to also find a use for the hide. When fur is a by product of another industry, utilizing it is not wasteful, but rather a good use of resources.

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