• It is dangerous and stupid.

    This is already a mental illness party, Basically.
    Praising people mental sickness instead of helping them to get better by seeking doctors, You encourage them in a destructive behavior.
    On top of that you do that in dangerous places with no regard of others, As always.
    Ban them.

  • It is just thrown by egoistic people

    You can just tell them right away. You do not need to drag this into a 3 hour semi formal event and throw money down to the drain to showoff your wealth and "creativity".
    That is all that the hipsters do. They just have parties showing off how "unique" thier house is and how they live a "simple" life.
    Imported stuff from China with a hundred year old trash that they paid 1000$.
    They are just conceited people who never spent a day poor.

  • Only the dumb ones

    Seriously who thought it would be a good idea to produce fire hazards just to tell somebody what gender a baby is. Literally the epitome of human stupidity and overextravagance. Here is how you should reveal a baby's gender: JUST TELL THEM WITH WORDS. But no, Cause a raging wildfire that has ruined the environment and many people's lives just for your stupid baby great idea

  • Not ban but denormalise.

    I think in our modern-day celebrating the genitals of a not yet born baby is slowly going out of style. Its a part of a larger culture of forcing gender stereotypes on children and should be avoided. However, To say we should outright ban it and essentially force our ideals on others seems unfair. The tradition is only still around because it's still popular. Start to stop doing it and i think it might just die out on its own.

  • NO because then we can kill the parents who hold these parties.

    Seriously. Killing thousands of species of wildlife, Burning habitat and destroying other people's property is a crime that any sane society would punish with the death sentence. So given that gender reveal parties are strongly correlated with such damage, We should ban them, Right?
    Well maybe not. Maybe we should allow them, But say they can't use fireworks or anything like that. Some parents will of course think they no one will catch them, So when we do inevitably catch them, We can shoot them.
    Arsonists should be shot. I don't see why people who would destroy nature and other citizens' property just to tell a few friends that their baby is a god damned boy or girl should not be given the harshest possible punishment. Many countries do this. It is not too radical an idea.

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