• Gender specific toy advertising limits prospects

    Gender specific toy advertising pressures opposing genders to follow a stereotyped life. However, we should be allowing boys and girls to choose their own interests instead of having them criticized for expressing and doing what they want to do. With gender neutrality, no pressure forces children toward stereotypes and they can freely do as they please.

  • The poor kids

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  • It is stupid

    Right? It’s so stupid. We think that because we have a daughter we need to buy pink, Barbies, Princesses. Or because we have a boy we need to buy blue, Guns, Lego, Science stuff. It’s GARBAGE! We need to change this, Let our children grow up in a world where they can chose what they want to play with.

  • Limits imagination and freedom

    Children should be able to purchase any toy they wish as it shows their personality and allows them to know what they like and dislike. Children should be able to have the freedom they wish and be able to dream of being whatever they wish. Girls can be in the army, and boys can do ballet. The tables have turned since the 20th century.

  • We are not just boys and girls anymore.

    In today's society, gender is more than just boys and girls. By advertising toys for only either girls or boys we force them to belong in one specific category. We divide our society and the people living in it into two groups. But there are so many more groups than only those two. Every person is an individual and they should be able to decide who they want to be, no matter the standards society sets.

  • Children need to be who they really are.

    Children should not be made to feel like they are restricted to play with certain toys and not be able to explore features which another gender can.

    For example, a boy should be allowed to play with a barbie doll and brush its hair and a girl should be able to play with a race car and push it around.

  • Problems with self-esstem

    I love Star Wars, and growing up I really loved playing with the figures and having lightsaber fights, but I actually got bullied for it and now in my teens I have self-essteam issues. I don't want kids to suffer by wanting to play with opposite gender toys. There is no problem with that. When I was younger a friend of mine, who was a boy, came over and we started to play with my barbies. Later on, he went and told his mum that for christmas, he wanted a barbie. What's wrong with that? Absouloutly nothing! So gender stereotypical toy ads do not help the cause of gender equality!

  • We live in A Progressive Society

    Marketing plants a poisonous seed in children's brain that they have to grow and be something "macho" (for men) and "domestic" (for women). Marketing is spreading negative gender stereotypes. We have moved back since the 70's with gender specific marketing IN A PROGRESSIVE SOCIETY. It is time we tackle the source of the problem


  • Gender-specific toys define children's job choices when they grow up.

    Gender specific toys teach children from a young age what they should and shouldn't do without children realising it. Girls flock to the doll houses and makeup because that's where they're told to go. They believe that's where they should go. Not necessarily because they want to, but because society tells them to. Same with boys; they feel obliged to go to the soldiers and science kits advertised to them. Then when they grow up, because they've been conditioned to, they follow similar roles.
    It's like pushing someone into a box and then saying that they were naturally attracted to being in the box.

    I'm not saying we should switch gender roles or combine the two by making a dress up transformer or a barbie with guns. But in stores, set toys out by theme rather than gender. Yes, put all the guns and transformers in one section, but don't put a "boys only" sign above it. Advertise girls playing with the toys so they feel comfortable. Same goes for baby dolls for example. Advertise dolls that call children "daddy" or male doll houses.

  • Gender Discrimination is a problem

    Gender discrimination is as much a problem as racism in today's world. By not banning gender specific advertising we are not only neglecting this topic but adding fuel to the fire. These ads have made society create norms that boys should play with trucks and girls should play with dolls. If anyone acts outside of these stereotypes they are discriminated from others. Don't we want society to move ahead?

  • Why does it have too change?

    Advertisement has to be specific about their target audience to cash in money. If you want to sell a female hair care product and you don't make it specific. Well, it's not going to sell.

    In this case, boys naturally prefer rough stuff. Feminine males are a minority. If they didn't make it seem attractive to non feminine males. They are not going to buy it. It is all about business. Business is always about raking the most amount of profits. If all males were feminine , then it would just stupid to advertise non feminine toys to them. Since they won't prefer it.

    Saying that children shouldn't receive pressure is the parents' responsibility. However to say pressure free. Hell no, children have no clue what they want. Even if you go to a doctor specialised in sex change, they do not conduct sex change operations/ treatments for children. Simply because children don't know what they want.

    Children are like sponges and absorb and regurgitate what they observe around them not knowing what is right or wrong till they mature. Hell in animals, you can easily see males even humping other males and it is not because they prefer males. Simply they don't understand reproduction. They go by urge and observation.

    Criticism is a must in life. Do what ever you want is a stupid outlook in life. Life is all about survival of the fittest. Those who fit in the best with the system in nature and man made society will function the best.

    Everyone should feel that pressure to fit. There is difference between fitting in and nullification of creativity.

    Is like saying you do not want to follow the monetary system and everyone else is at wrong for calling stupid. You undoubtedly as a masculine male have an advantage over feminine males in society. That's how society is now. Till society changes. Fitting in will help you the most.

    It's fine to have differing views but the world does not run in such a way. It's about the majority. As it is them who make economy tick.

    I personally don't believe that gender is by birth. I believe is about influence from young. Raise up a kid, telling the world revolved around them They will stick to that character very well into their adulthood and struggle to fit in society. Even with help it will be of shock to them, when they are required to change. As it's parted deeply in their system.

    I feel gender equality/identity rather is a moral issue than a biological one. I believe there is a choice or influence at work. That being even if they are not born this way, does that mean they should suffer. That should be the argument.

    This is a resource I think justifies my believe that gender is by influence more so than genetic. Genetics at best is just one among many that build up to it but alone don't result in differing gender identity.


  • What would we have?

    If we banned it, (which by law we cannot) then we would have some cross between soldier and princess, that would suck to watch.
    And it let's children feel independence for their gender as well, to take that away would be like taking candy from an infant baby. . .

  • Really? Really?! Are you serious!?

    Come on now! Let's get a grip people men will be men and women will be women. Not in any stereotypical way either, but in the natural senses of what makes a woman a woman and a man a man. Anything other than that is completely wrong. Though this is my opinion.

  • Let kids be kids

    In this age of opinions and confusion, these gender issues that are usually present in the adult opinionated world, are soaking into the world of a child. A child has a recognition of gender, but I mean, it's a kid. It's not like they're complaining because their soldier toy is "too masculine" or they wise to have "gender neutral toys to guide me through this difficult years". Let kids be kids.

    These issues are something of debate, but trying to soak that agenda into the minds of children. Seriously?

  • Kids are going to choose what they want to choose

    At the end of the day it isn't advertising that makes kids buy the toy that they want, its the kids. When kids see an ad come on the TV they have the option of saying, yes I want that toy or no I don't. Some girls like to play with cars and trucks and some boys like to play with dolls, so advertising to specific genders does not always work so there isn't really and good reasons to ban them.

    A Opinionated 13 year old

  • Yes ban this stuff

    Discrimination against gender is bad and gender specific advertisement doesn't help. This sort of thing makes our children grow up in a kind of world that does this stuff, separate boys and girls, what if they like the same thing, what if boys like barbies and girls like lego, gender neutral advertisemnt gives them a range to choose from. We should ban

  • Why ban gender specific toys?

    Why would you want to ban these toys. If girls want to play with boy toys and boys want to play with girl toys that's fine. They don't need to ban it just so their is no bullying and stuff. Then they should an kids if that's a problem. WHY?

  • No effect at all

    Firstly, let’s look at this practically, if we were to ban the advertising of gender specific toys. What would companies advertise, this would force them to make some sort of cross between Barbie and a soldier. Which would not be very enticing to watch. Also gender specific advertising assists in kids feeling individual. If everybody brought the same toy to school, that would be no fun. Think about when you were a kid, and you saw that one advertisement for a toy. You just wanted it, imagine these kids if gender specific advertisements were banned. You might aswell put a dress and tiara on a toy soldier.
    Secondly, (take a pause for emphasis) there just kids, at the end of the day, no matter how well advertised anything is. Kids will pick the toy that they want. Some girls like to play with cars and soldiers and some boys like to play with dolls, so there really is no reason to ban advertisements. If you’re thinking that, “so if there is no point to them why don’t we just get rid of them” well, the companies still make decent revenue off of advertising and even parents looking for toys to buy their kids. It’s really just a win, win situation.

  • Do we really have to question everything!?

    For a modern society where it is socially acceptable for girls to work, men to stay at home, gay marriag etc do we really need to worry about this? All of these have happened regardless of toys! As a child I had barbies and loved to play shops, but I also loved to play Lego and climb. I'm a girl I went on to be a nurse. My niece is surrounded by too many toys, I think children are spoilt with too many toys, she seems to naturally be quite girlie. She loves dancing, pretty pink stuff. Like most toddlers she loves peppa pig and splashing in puddles but loves colouring with black! The main issue I have with blue and pink is with the toy maker as it's an absolute money spinner for them, and a parent's plastic toy hell! There's far better and bigger things to worry about in this world than this. A teenager stabbing a teacher, teenage mental health issues and war.

  • Leave them alone

    Some children like the toys they play with because of the colors, but some like their toys because they are toys and they want something to play with.
    The reason I think we should not ban gender specific toy advertising is because if you ban gender specific toys, you would have to remove the colors and all the things that make things gender specific. No one would like toys that don't really have colors do they?

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kbub says2014-02-20T13:09:00.923
Should we ban it? No. Should we have it? No.

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