• Banning can bring down gun use

    Of course, I realize that people kill people and not guns kill people, but guns are a tool and can be very effective. Why in the world do people need to carry around semi-automatic rifles? Who are they shooting? Banning guns won't encourage gun use but hinder it, if the punishment for trafficking firearms is appropriately harsh. I won't deny that there will be smuggling efforts, but I will say this - most citizens are law abiding and not everyone is going to try smuggling guns. As such, banning guns can help reduce the number of mass shootings.

  • Yeah. Guns should be banned.

    I realise that this is a very simple argument, however, I just feel it should be said: here in Canada, we seem to do fine without 'em. If Canada can do it, I'm sure that The United States of America can too. Raspberry potato guinea pig banana To The Moon.

  • Either everyone has guns or no one has guns.

    Guns will not protect us. They will only allow lunatics to do harm onto others. The second amendment is from an obsolete piece of paper that lacks 240 years worth of revisions. America is by no definition a "free country". Humanity is horrendously still primitive and shamefully backwards in this day and age.

  • To Protect; or to Kill?

    Now, I understand guns can protect, and guns can save, but in the end; guns can kill. Every person; a living thing; a creature with feelings. Happiness. Love. Happy people who are completely innocent can find themselves at gunpoint. But most disturbing of all is one feeling, anger. This anger is what drives some mad. These weapons are the tools that can be used to end the life of a living thing. More slecificly, a human. Guns can strike fear in the hearts of those who are victim. All in all, guns are built to kill.

    I feel a bit half hearted about this concept. Some guns should most definitely be banned, Assault Rifles, LMGs, Shotguns, Uzis, and so on. I understand the concept of protecting yourself, but these weapons must simply be harder for people to acquire. Licenses may server well too. I see that guns are falling into the hands of mentally unstable men and women all over the world, and the endings to those stories are what clutter headlines. For the most part, it makes me sick to see how guns are used.

  • Guns protect us

    Guns give us calm and safety in inevitable situations. Imagine one night you are sleeping and you hear something down stairs, would you grab a gun or a bat? A gun gives you an advantage over the criminal and gives you a more efficient outcome. Yes, guns can be dangerous, but they protect us in more ways than not.

  • The Second Amendment

    It is not the government's job to protect my home and my family. It's my job. The police aren't my own personal security guards that make sure no intruder is coming in. Violent crimes committed using firearms are rarely registered to those who own them, so banning guns only takes them away from law abiding citizens. Banning firearms would be prohibition all over again and the U.S. government would look RIDICULOUS.

  • Guns are used for self defense

    According to the DOJ and CDC guns are used 2 million times a year to prevent crimes and 400,000 of those times the person who used the gun believed that if they did not have the weapon they would have been killed. Compare that to the 30,000 lives taken with guns every year. 400,000 vs 30,000. Remember most of those 30,000 lives couldn't be saved by gun control anyway. 7000 of the 10,000 gun murderers we have every year are gang related. Since gangsters traffic everything illegally they would get guns regardless of the laws. This brings me to my next point. Criminals will get guns anyway through a black market and use them against disarmed law abiding citizens. A new black market would also be terrible. Look at all we have going on with the drug cartel. Imagine if we had a new gun cartel.
    Crime increases when guns are banned for the reasons I named above. In England after guns were banned crime increased 70% and murderers by 50% (home office) in Australia crime increased 21% after their gun ban (Australian institute of crime)
    In England there are 2034 violent crimes a year per every 100,000 people compared to the 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people we have a year in America. This is because in England people can not use guns to defend them selves as often as we can here.
    I don't like guns or any kind of weapons. I still belie we have a right to own them for defense.
    Anyone who wants to debate me on banning guns is welcome.

  • This is a free country.

    This is free country. It says that we have the right to bear arms in the second amendment which reads "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Banning guns from a school zone or any zone is not going to stop a criminal from coming in and shooting. If anything it will encourage him.

  • The founding fathers had guns for protection against the government

    The guns are for protection against a tyrannical government first and foremost. Everything else comes second. Parts of the USA with more guns have less crime, coincidence I think not. Anyone in high government is smart enough to know this; anyone of them apposing guns is clearly in cahoots with the UN and want you in a box.

  • The Constitution, obviously?

    Obviously this is in the Constitution of the United States for a reason. It is not the government's duty to protect my home. The police aren't my home's personal security guard. That's my job. My job is to ensure the safety of my family. Murders and violent crimes committed using firearms are rarely registered to those who own them. Banning guns would be like prohibition all over again and would massively fail.

  • N o .

    Guns help protect the people and reduce crime rates. We have a second amendment for a reason. The left must be blocked from taking away these rights that the people have and that the founding fathers cherish. We must keep it this way to protect the American dream and freedom.

  • No, it violates our rights.

    Should Guns be banned?
    No, Guns should not be banned because if you ban guns it is in an extreme situation killing off our population as if somebody plans to use a gun to do unjust things than when that man comes a’knockin on the innocent law abiding citizens home where is his gun? How is he going to protect himself it takes from the hungry and feeding the already well fed. While some may say “guns kill more than they protect” that may be they still do protect and without that protection and without saying a criminal might think twice about a neighborhood knowing full well they could have firearms inside, the point is even if its little protection it’s their only protection. Even than According to the second amendment it would be unconstitutional to ban firearms and if we go against the constitution why have laws against murder?

  • No guns banned

    Should guns kill people?
    People kill people yeah guns are a tool to do so but so are knives. According to the FBI 47,856 people were killed in the US by a firearm between 2006 and 2010. If guns were banned when America was founded Britten would have come back and taken over. The gun manufacturing business is a multibillion dollar empire. If guns were banned then there would not be any gun companies like Ruger, Tactical Arms, Browning, Remington, extra… Without those US gun companies there goes 6,541,886 jobs according to If guns were banned there would not be a hunting seasons because we can’t have guns. There are over 38 million men and women in America that hunt according to that is 38 million people that are losing a job, a hobby. America was built on people having guns.

  • Out Right to Protect Ourselves

    Guns are our right as Americans. We CANNOT even start to change the constitution, because before you know it we will have no rights. People who want guns will get them anyways. Criminals, the mafia. So it is OUR RIGHT to protect ourselves, NOT the government. I dont expect much from the government other than to let me have the chance to protect myself and my interests.

    Posted by: D.14

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Vox_Veritas says2015-03-01T03:52:29.800
Guns=power. What you're basically proposing is that the people have no power and the Government does (seeing as how the Government has guns). Unless you can disarm every individual and every Government, I am staunchly opposed to this.