• For the United States

    For the United States it should because it is not about providing a better education for the a child, but for the parent's indoctrination of that child into Christianity. It is child abuse, and should not be allowed. I know this is an extreme position, but the problem is serious because these homeschooled children turn out for the worse than if they went to public or private school. Parents are not teachers--if they cannot afford a professional to give private lessons, they should send them to public or private schools and ask the child how their day went at the dinner table.

  • No no no

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  • No, there must be alternatives to public school

    Compulsory education laws prevent any child from abstaining from one, so alternatives must be provided to the government run public schools. Private school could be eliminated as an option for some due to the generally high cost. This leaves only homeschooling as an alternative for parents disapproving of public education.

  • No, I want to be homeschooled

    Actually, what is your opinion on it because u can counter that right now. School isn't for everyone, not everyone is the same you know, peiple want different things and different things benefit different people, that's just how the world works. I'm shy, a loner, no technology or nothing. I am generalized as a whole nother person at school and I hate it!

  • I strongly disagree.

    I have been homeschooling here in Taiwan, because I haven't learned the language yet, and we moved just recently. If they were to ban homeschooling, people like me would not have proper education. I'm still learning mandarin, and by the time I'm already fluent, I could go to proper schools.

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