• Homework is so stupid that stupid people could figure it out

    I think that homework should be banned because it just wastes time why just last night i was doing homework then i missed playing with my sister so homework should be banned so i can play with my sister please because i love my sister so please get rid of homework.

  • Hell yeah nigga

    These niggas be drunk in love with homework and shit, people who really and i mean really have a life really don't need homework like if you have instagram and have a lot of followers or have a kik and have a lot of hoe's in your phone u don't need homework.BITCHE'S

  • Homework is a monster!!!

    Homework is so stupid!! We get 4-5 pages of homework each night! I think we get enough work at school and the only homework we should have is to study for tests!! If we don't understand something we can just ask the teacher after class for extra help. It's dumb!

  • It is a stress builder and it gives you headaches

    The average middle school student gets 4 to 5 pages of homework a day. That is alot for a growing body but if they want to go workout or something parents won't let them.But they say that they want us to be healthy and strong. So there is my reason to bann homework

  • Homework is beneficial

    Looking back on my time in school, I think homework can be actually very beneficial for young students. Even though it can be slight hassle, especially for college students, homework has always done its deed on making the students more familiar with the material and preparing them for an upcoming test.

  • No, teachers should have discretion.

    No, we should not ban homework, because each school and teacher should decide what is right for their students. Some home projects are very popular. Each elementary school usually does a wax museum that they spend a great deal of time planning at home. Students benefit from working with parents on these projects.

  • No, we shouldn't

    Homework provides structure and keeps the mind working while away from the classroom, there's a reason it has been in place for so long and that's because it gives students the consistent guidance that they need to get the most out of their education. There's no benefit to be had from removing homework from curriculum.

  • Only If You Want To Harm The Children

    I do not believe we should ban homework. Homework helps reinforce the teachings from the class room. Students need homework to further their education. Homework should never be banned. Doing so would further harm the children in the school systems. The United States, for example, is only mediocre when it comes to academic success. We don't need to do things that would further harm the education process.

  • Homework Fosters Independent Thinking

    Homework fosters an environment of independent thinking away from a classroom setting. Homework also keeps kids busy and off the streets. Banning homework isn't the answer for teens who lead busy lives. Instead, homework teaches kids how to have time management skills. Doing schoolwork at home is a way for kids to learn at home and not just at school.

  • No, but we should limit it.

    Homework should not be an onerous burden that takes hours to do in the evening and requires a parent with a doctorate in the subject matter to help with. It should be just a small amount of work that is meant to reinforce what has been learned in school that day.

  • Homework shows your teachers

    Homework can show your teachers if you are learning their subject okay, because i they find something wrong on your homework, then they can help you understand it better. Plus, another thing about homework is it can teach you information that may be on a quiz or a test. I remember being in fifth grade, and I would never do my homework, and I would only get a few problems on the quizzes or tests right. But now that I'm in higher grade, I've realized doing my homework is very important, so now I do my homework, and don't have anymore problems.

  • Homework is important

    Homework is used to make sure students understand the material. It is the way teachers know if you struggle or not. Many may argue that students can just talk to teachers after class and such but when you do the work, teachers can see themselves how you are struggling, or what you are struggling with. I don't like to do it but when I do, I understand it more when it comes to tests and quizzes.

    (BTW, I am a middle-school student)

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