• We should ban most type of alcohols

    We should ban alcohol because alcohol is addictive and bad for your health at the same time. Beethoven's father was alcoholic. If Beethoven's father didn't waste all the money Beethoven earned from recitals, their family would be flooding with money and they could have cured Beethoven's sick mother. Would you like to waste your money on such a dreadful thing?

  • We Should Not Ban Alcohol

    No, we should not ban most types of alcohol as this was already tried once during the 1920s, and it led to a sharp increase in crime and gangster activity. To do so again would be to invite the same problems back, and would be a violation of an adult's right to put what s/he wishes in her/his body.

  • Are you kidding?

    It is the right of Americans to be able to consume alcohol. We should have the right to consume any kind of alcohol we want. The government shouldn't tell Americans how to live their lives and what they can and can't drink. There are already enough civil rights being violated, why more?

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