Should we ban music containing lyrics that glorify violent and criminal lifestyles?

  • A High Schoolers' opinion.

    I have noticed at my school that people who listen to violent music take often visits to the local Juvenile Detention center. I am currently working on a research project and the question is...
    "Should music be banned that glorify violent and criminal lifestyles?"
    After doing all this research I have realized that yes, it can effect the lives of youth.

  • It promotes drugs!

    It is pure evil and should be banned everywhere! It is the music of the devil! It corrupts our children's, brains rotting their souls, and getting them high to death! It corrupts teenage society itself! It ruins our kid's health and jepordising their souls! And it should be banned everywhere!

  • Lack of morality is destroying our society

    For those who voted no, do you think parents can police everything their child is exposed to with the pervasiveness of technology? Of course not. And so, knowing they're probably hearing such lyrics, do you ever take time to discuss them? But then, how do you convince a child they are bad lyrics when it's a popular form of music? And for those who find such lyrics an outlet, what is wrong with you?! Why not focus on the good things about human nature to decompress yourself? Or God forbid, get off your drugged up butt and try to make the world a better place? That is an idiotic argument and shows how far our society has disintegrated into ignorance and apathy. Thank you to all you rappers for demeaning the goodness in people and taking our society down to your low IQ, soulless level. All I can say is, you have to answer to God one day, so you better start coming up with reasons to justify what you've done.

  • It Affecs Children (by C.O. Ryan, Demand Media)

    States: Researchers have found rap music to show more violence and have more explicit language than other music genres. In an Emory University study, published in the "American Journal of Public Health," black girls between 14 and 18 who viewed hardcore videos for 14 hours a week or more were found “three times more likely to hit a teacher, 2.5 times more likely to get arrested, and 1.5 times more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease, use drugs, or drink alcohol.”

  • Violent and criminal music should be banned.

    Yes we all have freedom of speech but the constitution states that violent words should not be used. This means in music as well! The constitution was created for is to go by what it says and ignoring what it states in relation to violent words, isn't abiding by it's purpose. Another reason is adolescents. They are so easily impressionable because of their goal to fit in and be known. They might want to be a part of a certain group and would do anything they could to get into that group. Violent music isn't "Venting," it's encouragement to children who listen to it. You can not expect a child to listen to a violent song and it not have any affect on them. There are plenty of examples to how violent music is an incentive to people whose minds are searching for acceptance. Or even to someone whose expierencing certain emotions that would make them easily influenced. Examples such as Helter Skelter, Night Prowler, and even the boy who commited suicide by listening to Ozzy Osbourne's song Suicide Solution. The music helps certain people to feel encouraged and can even be done in the wrong way. These are the reasons violent music should be banned.

  • Ban criminal music

    It influence on the children in a negative way. However partial ban would not be helpful. It changes the destiny of the children hearing this type of music.Singers like honey singh have already arrested and imprisoned. What's the use of listening criminal and violent music that incurs in the lifestyle of the people.

  • Our society is already violent enough.

    There is so much violence in our music (trash) today, that it's all stopped making sense to me. It is a scientific fact that the music a person listens to affects the way they act and think. It's not okay to act violent, but it's okay to sing about killing people and dancing on their graves? This kind of thing usually affects mostly minors into believing violence is okay, all in the name of self-expression? Like our prisons aren't over-crowed enough. I don't think there should be an outright ban due to freedom of speech... But there should be some kinda restriction.

  • Rap Music Dumb

    It Is Killing Our Children Violent Music Is Dumb People Like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar and Lil Pump and XXX Tetations and Migos Ar Ruining Our children By Making Them Listen To Violent Music Which Has Drugs. More Rapers Need to Be Like Eminem and Logic Because The Are Very Good Rapers Because They don't Promote Violence When They Rape.

  • Forced to listen even if you dont want to

    In the suburbs, it's easier to control what's being heard. But in the city, even with windows closed, people party to this music so loud. Pure violence, drugs, and sex. And why would you call the cops on them for disturbing the peace and possibly get yourself shot? So your forced to listen to it, and your children grow to love it (even if secretly) because everyone at the ghetto schools love it. It's all rebellious against humanity. I probably shouldn't mind if you want to hear it, but then at least bump it thru your headphones, or keep it down, not thru every others' windows.

  • Why in music

    Music is ART and art consists of beauty, beauty of picture, music, movie and so on. By word beauty is meaned that People should get something from ART. Why ART works of Davinchi is very expensive. It is not about itis old picture because we can see the graet skill of Artist and from the picture e can see the whole "world". Turn to music From music Mozart and Betxoven even doctors heal patients. Because thay are enough great and was created with great sense of art. But from todays Rap songs which lyrics consists too many violence words asa well as glorifying criminal words should be baned. Because music have to be Art not the place for politics or debates.

  • You don't have to listen to it if you don't want to.

    If you don't want to listen to it you don't have too. According to the 1st amendment we have the freedom of speech. If they want to say stuff like that they can. You don't have too if you don't want to. And also not all of Ozzy Osbournes song are influencial in a bad way.

  • No, it's wrong

    It depends on how you see it. I listen to 'music that glorifys violent and criminal lifestyles' but that doesn't make me a criminal. You have a freedom of your own thoughts. So if you want to listen to it, you can. Not all people react to it in a bad way!

  • Violent music is not a cause of violent /criminal behavior, but rather a result thereof.

    To the person with the heading "Lack of morality is destroying our society", I agree with you on the fact that we do live in an unmoral society and also that parents cannot control everything their child is exposed to. But that just goes to prove the opposite point. Banning this music would only make it more attractive to teenagers who always tend to rebel. Violent music also would not do anything to better the society we live in, since it is an art form, and art always reflects the reality around it. Violent music exists because the society we live in is violent and war-torn, as the world has always been and will be 'till Judgement Day come, not the other way around. And although it is true that violent music can encourage teenagers to commit violent crimes, and that children that are exposed to this are more likely to get arrested/ hit a teacher/ use drugs etc., but these children are usually already prone to be aggressive and/or violent, be it because of circumstances at home or in the community in which they live. Thus banning music would not stop these children from still obtaining this music, especially with the internet around, therefore making the ban of these types of music utterly and completely useless, in fact, it would only anger the community, since they are then no longer allowed to express their opinions.

  • It should not be banned.

    I my self listen to this so called "violent music" and I've never had a violent thought in my life. Music doesn't define people. You could listen to Slipknot and become one of the best business men on Wall Street. You could listen to some old time blues and become the best serial killer known to man. An example of this is the Fine brothers. They own a very successful YouTube channel and they listen to hardcore metal. Ted Bundy, one the most effective serial killers of all time, often listened to Mozart in his free time. These are perfect examples. So i stand by my answer. No, it does not influence bad behavior.

  • I believe violent and criminal music should not be banned

    It can show how you came from a poverty stricken area surrounded by violence and drugs and how it can be an emotional journey and how resilience is needed.Also, people can aspire to how you transformed your life from a mess to a great life this why we need this to aspire many people.

  • It affects a small amount of individuals.

    The N.W.A is a good example. They've done good, and their music is about violence. Also, rock music sometimes has a violent theme but their fans are nicer than pop music fans. I believe music has no part in who the person is, so why ban it? . . .

  • No thats dumn

    If your gonna ban the music that does this, are you gonna ban all the tv shows and video games that do this? No, your not, so this is just a stupid idea in general. There is a lot of things that promotes criminal and violent lifestyles, there's no stopping people from hearing it. So whats the point to only ban a little portion of where its coming from?


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