• It is gambling

    It is an addictive behaviour, Like drugs, Smoking and alcohol, With the government telling us it goes to good causes is like telling us that money from alcoholics goes to good causes. It also affects the poorest people in society losing their money and giving them false hope. What we need is real hope in society.

  • Designed to be addictive!

    We are paying are well earned money to these people wasting it are cigarettes, alcohol and GAMBALING. Do we want are money wasted on the? No. If you do gamble you probably started saying it's only £1. Then you do it weekly, then daily, then twice a day and it ends up in a huge mess! These things are designed to be addicting, do you want this?

  • For risk then benifet.

    More people gain gambling addictions through the participation in the lottery leading many to bankruptcy. It is best to ban it to prevent youth from getting into gambling and eventually leading into worst and worst addictions. More people are harmed by the debt carried by addiction to gambling then the few that actually benefit from others failures (as the money spent by others to buy lottery tickets is often used by companies to fund the lottery itself)

  • Waste of money

    There is very little reason as to why people should spend money on lottery tickets. Some people spend £2 every week in hope that they might win it. That's £104 pounds every year wasted. There's a 1 in 14 million MILLION chance that you will win in the UK. Banning lotteries will put a stop to people wasting money on tickets.

  • Its your money, spend it however you want

    The (USA) government should not be able to control where and how you spend your own money. If you want to waste money on the lottery, that's fine. As long as the government doesn't end up trying to reimburse these people for their lottery ticket payments (using rich people's taxes, that's the way the Democrats like it), I'm fine with people flushing money down the drain on the lottery. Go and be stupid if you want. I personally think that spending a few (one or two -- not a hundred) dollars a week on the lottery isn't a terribly bad idea. It's kinda fun, as long as you don't go crazy. In order to be guaranteed a win, you'd have to purchase billions of tickets all with different combinations (that would be really hard), and end up spending four times as much money on buying tickets as you'd win, even if the jackpot was at a record high. I actually crunched the numbers and figured it all out. But even if someone does go crazy, it's their money they're wasting, so who cares?

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