• Causes stress and does nothing to help

    The 3 questions for every wrong answer system is nothing but pure uncut bullshit, Not to mention the questions themselves make no damn sense whatsoever and half of the said questions are flat out wrong, The grading system in general is also pure shite, Every time i use noredink all it f***ing does is cause me stress and gets me confused

  • It brings stress

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  • It is bad.

    I helps many people to get more anxiety. Every time I get it wrong it brings me to the get-3-in-a-row-page. I am not happy at all. I hate this. This website is a horrible program. It brings down my grade. I want this to be out of my freaking life.

  • No red ink. Com is not that bad

    My teachers use it. Personally it is not that bad it is a fun way to learn grammar better than studying a big fat grammar book. Sometimes it could be a little stressful but it is fun it should stay. I am in elementary school and I approve this message.

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