• Should The National Park Service Ban Solo Hikers In Grizzly Bear Territory?

    Does the National Park Service have to rethink its rules when it comes to backcountry travel in known grizzly bear habitat? That question grows in importance in the wake of last week's fatal mauling of a backpacker in Denali National Park.

    Last year one hiker in Yellowstone National Park was killed by a grizzly, and another man hiking with his wife was fatally mauled in a separate incident. In the case of Denali, last week's fatal mauling was believed to be the first in the park's history. In the Yellowstone incidents, it marked the first known time that there were two fatal maulings in the same year.

  • No, it should not be banned.

    People should make their own decisions. You know the risks. And, who wants to be held hostage by companions who insist on going back to the trailhead earlier than planned? Or who decide that three drops of rain is too much? Or who poop out and never show up at the trailhead in the morning?

  • No, it should not be banned

    I don't think we should ban people from hiking alone, some people have no choice but to do it alone. I feel that if you hike alone you know the risks you are taking and that if something goes wrong you are on your own no one could know for days if ever and you could die.

  • Public policy should NOT be based on media sensationalism and emotion

    It's a single case. What do statistics say about safety?

    We should not be basing our policies on emotional reactions to single or even a few media-sensationalized cases. We should be logical and consider the actual statistics.

    The poster in yes said it's the "first in the park's history". That means that statistically this park is very safe.

  • They have the right to do so, but maybe some other precautions about hiking should be taken

    I think that while hiking is very dangerous, it is very soothing and beneficial for some people, as well as simply fun for others. It would be ridiculous to tell people they cannot hike alone, as that would impede on their rights. However, perhaps some more rules could be set in place surrounding hiking to make it safer, such as proper equipment must be used, and the hikers might be strongly encouraged to take self-defense and survival classes just in case disaster strikes.

  • If I want to go at it alone, I should have that right

    If I wanted to go at it alone, that should be my right. To ban people from hiking alone is to ban people from their right to be free. People that go hiking alone should defiantly use some common sense but should not be banned from doing so. There are too many laws being passed now because that one person failed to use common sense.

  • It's their risk.

    No, we should not ban people from hiking alone, because hiking alone is a relaxing activity that a lot of people enjoy. People who hike alone know that it is risky. We cannot block people from doing every single activity that is risky. If someone wants to take the risk to enjoy hiking alone, we should allow them.

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