Should we ban Sindhu. At for posting a stupid opinion?

  • Yes ban that idiot!

    He’s a stupid moron who at the time where round 2 happens in the spam war he contributed to spam by saying “hey look at my useless post for a college application” NO ONE EVEN GOES TO COLLEGE FOR LESBIAN DANCE THEORY ANYMORE BUDDY it’s 2021 get with the times you jerk off! Sindhu. At should be banned by the debate. Org moderators no questions asked!

  • Yes we should

    He posted a stupid opinion about stupid college applications and it has nothing to do with debate. Org and he was acting like a cow trying to be all friendly while he posts stupid shit in the opinion sections. Can you believe this guy posting stuff at this time during a freaking spam war? Geez!

  • Loki exiled me from asgard

    Loki banned me from Asgard after I got in a fight with a temple guard and I got kicked out and sent back here. I am glad to be back because I can start spamming again. Yes, I am having a severe character crisis. My current self needs to go. I need a new ego and the joker needs to leave

  • No he should keep making these posts LOL

    Hi I’m Jamal’s friend and I think jamal here would side with Sindhu. At hahaha he should keep spamming useless stuff that offends you hahaha. You’re all just a bunch of crybabies who can’t handle just one post. Now that you can’t handle one post I’m going to make 100 posts LOL happy crying

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