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  • Soft drinks should be banned due to health concerns.

    Soft drinks should be banned as they can harm people's health. There is nothing that a soft drink is good for. Yes there are some soft ads that say "50% less sugar! " but the companies are trying to make them healthier not good for your body. Even though it there are less sugar, It is still bad for your health. Nowadays, Soft drinks contain chemicals that are even more harmful than our humble sugar. Now soft drinks are fully converting to chemicals instead of sugar. Soft drinks have been proven by many dentists that they an rot your teeth and many health experts sat that they are bad for your overall health. Soft drinks should be banned as they are harmful to your body.

  • Absolutely friggin' not.

    Soft drinks are absolutely harmless in moderation - if some fat ass mf wants to gulp down liters of soda all day then they deserve any and all health consequences that befall them. It ain't the government's job to protect retards from their bad impulses and habits - people should be responsible for themselves.

  • Nooooo! Why wood u do that!

    No! Do! Not! Ban! My! Crush! Orange! Soda! Please! I hate adalts who think that they kno whats good for my body! It tayste good! So it mean it good for me! Don't do that! Never do that! If you do i will throw it he big tantrum of my life! No!

  • If people can't control themselves, They should get what's coming.

    Should it really be the responsibility of the government to baby the people? The only problem with soft drinks is the fact that they are bad for health. I believe almost everyone know this, So they should be controlling themselves. As far as I'm concerned, If they don't have the self-control to do so, Then perhaps having health problems can help them learn.

  • The 20's called, They want their mistakes back

    Prohibition essentially tried this - but with alcohol. That didn't work in the slightest, And led to organized crime and mass corruption.

    More importantly. Individuals should be allowed to make their own bad decisions, Even if that decision is one we may disagree with. Don't fall into the trap of believing that the government is the solution to the mistakes of the individual.

  • Depends on the user's enviroment

    Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Soda has a lot of sugar. Yes, It can be damaging to your health, If taken in excess. Think about this. You take 1 sleeping pill, And it will help you sleep better. Take the whole bottle and you won't be waking up. Soda should be limited but not banned

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