• Comparing both sides of the spectrum

    Whilst it is true that people should have the choice of free will, Many people often abuse this theory and drink many cans a day. Having sugar in your blood stream is sometimes beneficial but having too much can cause life-threatening and eventually death. The health rate in the U. K and U. S. A are drastically declining and one main reason is the sugar overload found in many fatty and sugary products, Such as fizzy drinks. This concludes my theory and i hope this has opened knew opinions and reasons to the problem known as sugary drinks.

  • I think people should not drink sugary drinks but banning might be a little far.

    Drinking one can of soda a day can add 10 pounds of weight per year. Its empty unhealthy calories and It can leave you with a caffeine addiction as well as sick from too much sugar intake. The number one reason for a tooth removal is decay from sugary drinks.

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  • Ban them now

    Sugary drinks are soooooo bad for you and your body. I know that there are a lot of other factors then just sugary drinks but we have to start some where don't we. We need to look after ourselves and choose healthy options so please choose yes ban sugary drinks.

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  • It will lead to obesity and it's unhealthy

    Kids around the world in schools drink a lot of sugary drinks and most of them suffer from obesity and from being unhealthy and there parents can use the school if there child gets really unhealthy from drinking so much of the sugary drinks they provide for kids to drink.

  • Soda Supporters are Illiterate

    I feel that improper use of the English language only proves that we, As intelligent beings, Can not trust lower class America to have political sway. It's terribly unfortunate that we as a nation fall so low as to deem opinions of the uneducated as equal to the highly educated, The "no" comment section only further proves my point.

  • Sugary drinks are unhealthy!

    I think we should ban sugary drinks because they are very bad for your body. They result in weight gain, Tooth decay, And other problems. I completely cut pop out of my diet and my lifestyle has improved drastically. I lost a ton of weight, My teeth are nice and strong, I'm less sluggish and tired, And my stomach feels better. All of that sugar and artificial flavors can't be good for your health. People need to drink more water!

  • Short Happiness or Forever Healthiness?

    Sugary drinks are unhealthy. Also, It is connected with Obesity, Cancer, Tooth Decay, Type 2 diabetes, And so much more. These diseases are not simple; it has a lot of pain when you get it.
    Most oppositions would say that it is good, And gives happiness. However, This is cleary wrong and illogical. Would you, Readers like to be sick after a short happiness?
    Which is more in need- short happiness or forever healthiness?
    Sure, The government can't tell you even what to drink, But it is for your health. They are not banning aids and vitamin drinks. They are doing what they think is right for the citizen's health. Please think about how the world is trying for even one person's health and vote for banning sugary drinks. It is not for "stopping" your happiness, It is for a longer one.

  • Freedom of the People

    The constitution clearly states that we, As people of God, Should have the natural right to freedom and liberty. Taking away sugary drinks from people is taking away this natural right! People have the right to consume what they desire and the government should not control what the people want to consume. Wether sugary drinks are good or bad for you shouldn't include the government for you and ONLY YOU have the responsibility for your health.

  • Who are these people to tell other people what to drink and what not to drink?

    Look, We all have our faults and we accept them or ignore them. People who are obese or overweight know they are obese or overweight. If they continue to make bad decisions then that's one them. We can't force them to do better. Banning sugary drinks will not help and we shouldn't anyway. Who is the government to decide what we get to drink?

  • Its someones life

    People should have their own opinions to what they want to do with their life. Maybe they can't stand not having sugar but when taking away the ability to buy them it causes people to find other ways to have the sugar they are used to. You can't take away peoples freedom from their life

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  • Why should we

    So many people may enjoy a sugary product and we know its unhealthy. We made our choice about it and its not like every have like ten sodas a day. For most people once a week is where its at. Plus sometimes a caffeine boost can be very helpful when you need to stay awake.

  • Bussinesses will go out of buisness

    If you stop selling sweets drinks which alot of buss inesses get their fourtune they will go out of bussiness and if they decide to sell less sweetened drinks people would not want to have sour bitter taste bad drinks and they will not want any less sweetened product from the buisness

  • Leave people alone

    The government is not putting a band on alcohol or cigarettes which causes major health issues also. So leave people alone. If you want to do something inform people on the effects of overuse of sugar and let it be their choice if they want to take the health risk incorporated with it

  • No no no

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  • The People should Choose

    People make decisions every day and those decision have consequences, And this is no different. Rather than focus on getting rid of our ability to make the decision we should focus our attention on creating awareness and informing the people. For example, Cigarettes were not banned, Yet the amount of people who smoke has dropped drastically. Why? Anti-smoking campaigns. We can do the same thing for sugary drinks.

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