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  • It will lead to obesity and it's unhealthy

    Kids around the world in schools drink a lot of sugary drinks and most of them suffer from obesity and from being unhealthy and there parents can use the school if there child gets really unhealthy from drinking so much of the sugary drinks they provide for kids to drink.

  • Soda Supporters are Illiterate

    I feel that improper use of the English language only proves that we, As intelligent beings, Can not trust lower class America to have political sway. It's terribly unfortunate that we as a nation fall so low as to deem opinions of the uneducated as equal to the highly educated, The "no" comment section only further proves my point.

  • Sugary drinks are unhealthy!

    I think we should ban sugary drinks because they are very bad for your body. They result in weight gain, Tooth decay, And other problems. I completely cut pop out of my diet and my lifestyle has improved drastically. I lost a ton of weight, My teeth are nice and strong, I'm less sluggish and tired, And my stomach feels better. All of that sugar and artificial flavors can't be good for your health. People need to drink more water!

  • Short Happiness or Forever Healthiness?

    Sugary drinks are unhealthy. Also, It is connected with Obesity, Cancer, Tooth Decay, Type 2 diabetes, And so much more. These diseases are not simple; it has a lot of pain when you get it.
    Most oppositions would say that it is good, And gives happiness. However, This is cleary wrong and illogical. Would you, Readers like to be sick after a short happiness?
    Which is more in need- short happiness or forever healthiness?
    Sure, The government can't tell you even what to drink, But it is for your health. They are not banning aids and vitamin drinks. They are doing what they think is right for the citizen's health. Please think about how the world is trying for even one person's health and vote for banning sugary drinks. It is not for "stopping" your happiness, It is for a longer one.

  • Weight gain, Obesity and Diabetes.

    Because it effects the body drastically. It can cause your blood sugar levels to rise which can cause you to have diabetes. The daily sugar intake is about 30 grams for adults and children over 11. And about 20 grams for children. But teenagers nowadays are consuming 3 times the average amount. Too much sugar can cause metabolic dysfunction/ syndrome. Side effects include weight gain, abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes.

  • Sugar sugar sugar

    Schools in the United States have been banning sugary drinks from cafeterias and vending machines! Why can’t all schools? These drinks cause health problems and increase taxes. Companies and schools would be better off without them.

    The first reason schools should ban sugary drinks is they cause health complications. Students have been having a increase in obesity ratings since 2003. Even children must think about diabetes and heart diseases because when your in your twenties, you may experience these dilemmas. Michelle Obama’s campaign claims that “Obesity, which affects 17% of all American children and adolescents, is triple the rate now than from one generation ago.” Obesity is rising in American children today and we need to stop this.

    Taxes are going up for junk food. Schools are spending way too much money to afford these drinks that they could be spending on other things. “Seattle voters enacted a 1.75 cents-per-fluid-ounce tax on the distribution of sodas and other sweetened beverages such as sports drinks and energy drinks in June. That amounts to 21 cents tacked on to every 12-ounce can or bottle.” Schools are wasting money on the sugary drinks instead of school needs. The schoole money should be spent on education, not liquids.

    Thirdly, there has been corporations with successful outings after banning sugary drinks. Epic is a workplace that’s privately held for healthcare, software companies. They have also banned sugary drinks from there campus back in 2016. In order for you to buy a coke or soda you would have to leave their premises and buy it. After two years epic is still only allowing low-fat milk, water and certain juices. While there wasn’t that much information on this, reaching out to some employees I found out that there corporation couldn’t be better. Similar to how epic employees had to leave campus to get there drinks so would students.

    If we keep sugary beverages in the schools, students will get an extra caffeine boost. This will allow students to be more alert in class. We can also achieve higher on tests because our minds will be fully awake and ready to learn. Many students wake up early and the caffeine in these drinks help the students be ready for the day.

    Reality is, even if these drinks are causing alert students, it is artificial and will eventually die off unless students are constantly given the drinks. If sugary drinks are banned, the increase in students grades could be caused by more class time, instead of fake energy. While they could be studying or practicing before the teacher starts class, students decide to go the vending machines and buy soda and other sugary drinks. If they were to go right away to class, more school time could be used for educational practices, instead of passing time.

    While there may be many students who want their caffeine and sugary drinks, in the long run it will be better without it.

  • Sugary drinks are bad for your health

    Sugary drinks are bad for for health. They can lower life expectancy, and even weed is healthier than soda. Soda has addictive, and causes health problems. Plus, in most orange sodas, there are brominated vegetable oil, which is illegal in many countries for it's heart problems. We should ban sugary drinks for us and our future generations benefits

  • Health comes first

    Govt is SUPPOSED to act like a parent. If the kids (Citizens) are getting obese due to soft drinks or fast food, govt (parent) has the right to ban or regulate it.
    However, we should exercise caution on our own without the intervention of Govt always
    Its scientifically proven that Soft drinks are damaging. They contain chemicals and other preservatives that are harmful.
    Give only temporary taste and pleasure.. But they get us addicted.
    We get thristy within 1- 1.5 hours of consuming soft drinks.
    Can the same be said about lime juice or coconut water?
    They contain excess sugar which raises the blood glucose levels and then insulin
    If people can exercise restraint, then nothing like it. But it doesnt work that way. Whats available easily will be bought.
    People get addicted to smoking as its easily available and affordable than alcohol or drugs.
    Same with soft drinks. And moreover they are totally useless.
    Alcohol at least calms you down or relaxes you after a hard/long day at work. Health drinks and sports drinks will provide energy when you are tired. What's the use of a soft drink? Zilch. Nothing. Zero
    That momentary pleasure or zing you Crave for will disappear if you have something similar but without Fizz and sugar. Like any fruit juice, Water or fresh lime.
    Moreover, any other drink can be customized - just like tea/ coffee, where we decide how much sugar 1 wants to have.
    There is no option when it comes to soft drinks.
    And hence, people often give in. Have the drink with extra sugar even though they wouldn't have it if given a choice.
    And hence they are spoiling their health. And it's not just their business. The Govt takes responsibility for all the Mess that we put ourselves into and tries to mitigate the situation by regulating population (India, china), tobacco, drugs, etc.

    Though most % of the population is sensible and reasonable to exercise their right of freedom, choice etc, there are some % of the population, evil elements, big businesses, who influence others and have it their way. This can only be controlled by the GOVT via bans/ boycotts/regulations. Etc.

    "There should not be anything that is not inherently dangerous that should be banned globally, and sugary drinks are far too benign to be banned."
    Not inherently dangerous?? Are we so shortsighted? It might not harm you even though consumed on daily basis for months/years but one fine day when you get diabetes. You will know

    "What we need to do is teach moderation and healthy choices."
    Who is going to teach? Who will attend those classes?
    At home?? Parents don't know any better than the kids. They themselves keep chugging gallons of fizz. Its only govt's which can take big decisions like ban or regulate or small time stuff like... At least mandate some precautionary instructions, slogans, ads, warning etc on the products
    A healthy society is a productive and progressive

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  • Its fucking stupid

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  • Let adults be adults with soda pop

    Once someone is a adult they are responsible for themselves and if they want to drink even a whole case of soda pop or nestea (tm) so be it, Besides once the kids get about 12 years old having a soda pop makes the kid look more normal
    also people complain about sugar consumption in kids yet barely any of them actually help them quit caffeine the only exception to that is if there is a medical need such as diabetes or a medication

  • It's your choice

    We as a whole group should stop taking the easy way out. We blamed guns for school shooting instead of the white males killing kids. We blamed sugary drinks instead of the people buying them. We can not keep blaming things for our own personal choices. If you want to buy a chocolate shake and you have been working for the last couple days straight then go ahead. Once we start putting bans on things we will not be able to come back from it.

  • Freedom of Choice

    Just like smoking or drinking alcohol, We have the freedom to put what we want in our bodies. Why would anyone get a say so on how much sugary drinks I can have? It's not effecting my health at all. . . . I just do not see the issue here at all.

  • Even if you ban them, It won't stop people from consuming outrageous amounts of sugar.

    People know how much sugar they're taking in, And banning them won't stop them. Making it illegal won't stop them either! People will argue that it's taking away a basic right to choose what to drink with any given meal. If you want to drink soda, Do it. If you don't, Then don't. Banning it isn't going to fix anything, As much as I like the idea.

  • We Should Not


  • We should not ban sugary drinks

    My first point is Freedom of choice. People have the right to pick what they want
    . The Goverment does Not have to go around and tell us what we should drink eat etc. My second point is Buisnesses will have to close. Imagine these hundreds and thousands of eople which will loose their jobs. Poor them. How will they find a new job to pay their fines, to feed their family ? How i really want to know how. Thats why we shoudnt ban sugary drinks

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  • Dis Is Dum

    I do not appreciate the suggar ban, it is taking away my rights as a human bean. Overall people are going to do what they want. If you take the drinks away people will more likely become angry and just go home to drink sugary drinks. Just because you take it away for thepublic does not mean it will stop anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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