• Yes, we should ban tax breaks for churches.

    I think that there should not be any tax break for any sort of religion or their place of worship. A religion is a form of free speech, but when it decides to operate within a public presence, there should not be any tax breaks for it. I think that the followers should take care of the financial costs.

  • It's what God would want.

    Oh sweet lord Jesus, yes we should. Churches have become centers of political activism, taking advantage of the fact that the First Amendment is a one way street for them to become pressure and hate groups. If they are going to become that instead of houses of worship, let's slap a tax on their little enterprises.

  • Yes, we should.

    It's not only that they get tax breaks, it's that they do not pay any taxes at all. If we were to tax every church, we would have no problem funding our new healthcare programs. That is billions of dollars of revenue wasted each year. And the Church makes a fortune.

  • I Think We Should

    I believe the country is struggling financially and where it may have been once possible to write off the taxes that would have been collected from churches, I feel we can no longer afford that luxury. I believe churches should be subjected to the same taxes businesses are so we have more income to operate the government.

  • They are non-profit?

    Churches receive money from tax payers. These people were already taxed by the Government. People won't donate if they know the government is going to cut a huge chunk out. Should we ban tax breaks on charities? They collect money from people and use it to upkeep their buildings and to give to the needy? The only difference is that the government has become to big, wasting money wherever they can. Now they're broke and in debt and in need money for their new mistake, "Obamacare". They could never tax a non-profit organization without getting backlash, but when someone donates in the name of God. Well that's another story. Oh, the church is rich, just take the money from them. "All they do with the money is spread religion which helps no one. At least the government will help lazy people who don't want to get a job." Same thing with the "1%", people who earn there money and not collect it from the Welfare State we've created.

  • Not at all

    No, the churches that are in this country do a whole lot to give back to the community, and they are good about joining together to help a whole lot of people out. So it is a good thing to help them out a little so that the can return it.

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