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  • The Avengers are the Awesome!! Fictional characters.

    We can't ban The Avengers, the movie is awesome. If you talk about the problem of PG , is best that you be responsible and don't let people who are under age of 13 watch it. So, if you are not, I'm afraid that your child is 13 now. At least.

  • Why on earth would we do such a thing!

    BECAUSE THEY ARE THE AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! That is literally all I have to say for this crazy topic. What else should I need to say. Oh my god, is it even a thought. And they are fictional characters, it is not like they really exist, as much as I wish! :)

  • Why should it?

    There has to be a reason for banning it... I don't think the movies raise any especially controversial topic anyway, and since it's PG-13, the movie can't be deemed too disturbing to show. Even if it were banned, the popularity of The Avengers would just lead to people illegally viewing it, which would cause the film studios to lose money.

  • Why would you even think that?

    To little kids, and even teenagers, the Avengers are heroes, people to look up to. If you take that away, you will crush the dreams of little children and escapists. You want something to ban? Ban prostitution, or abortion, or gay marriage, or violent video games. Something that can actually harm people.

  • The Avengers is a Movie

    By that fact, The Avengers is a piece of art. Now this is not a seal of quality but rather a protective coating. To me, no one has the justification to destroy a piece of art. I mean this as in you should not ban or destroy all copies of The Avengers even if you really don't like it. In that same area though, if you buy a copy and there are plenty more elsewhere, you can do as you please with said copy. Just so long as the piece itself is available to all by some means.

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