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  • Ban bull killing

    I don't support bullfighting one bit. It is inhuman, cruel, brutal and down right outrageous! To those who say that all killing is the same then they clearly don't know that in one, pain is felt and the other, it is done very quickly and gently. #stopthetorture. Please :) thankyou

  • Bullfighting feeds the poor

    They feed the meat of the bull to the poor. They try to kill as quick as possible to eliminate pain as much as possible. It is a culture that many people enjoy, and its not our choice to ban the bullfight. If we want to stop it (even though we shouldn't) we should use peer pressure instead of going to the extreme of banning.

  • Social Pressure Should Be Used To End Bullfighting, Not a Ban

    Although bullfighting is cruel, and certainly there should be social pressure exerted to stop this unethical practice of torturing animals, bullfighting is also part of Latin American culture and not something that is going to end overnight. Banning something does nothing to change social attitudes, and generally pushes the practice underground without stopping it. Instead of a ban, we need to change the attitudes of people so they value and respect the life of the bull and bullfighting will end on its own.

  • Should not banned

    We think that bullfighting shouldn't be banned, because it will end the Spain tradition. And also its a place where tourists from other countries love to visit. They are coming to see the bullfight, the people won't visit that place and some people could lose their jobs. And people provide bullfight not so often to end that. Its a really good entertainment!

  • Should not be banned!!!

    It should not be banned because it is a tradition in Spain. And if they stop bullfighting tons of people will lose their jobs. Also when the bull is killed the meat goes to the poor. And also PLZ DO BULLFIGHTING FOR THE HUNGRY!!!!! (plz plz plz plz plz plz)!

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