• It is mean to animals

    Some animals are endangered. Another thing that thedy do to animals there is trainers at some of the circuses be mean to the animals and make them do tricks even if the don't want to. Also there has been some accidents that the animals try to go into the croud and escape because they want to be free.

  • I'm scared of clowns and its abusive to Animals

    Circuses force animals in any condition to be thrown into fire or be ridding on for our own entertainment. Circus animals are abused in or not in show and will always be shot in the head if they can't bring on a show. Most animals don't have a long life span either and live in harm fro humans

  • It's mean to animals

    It's mean to animals also it abusive and some of the animals that are at the circus are illegally there. Also at the circus trainers have been known to hurt them and make them do the tricks even if they want to take a break. There has also been animals who go into the croud and try to escape.

  • The circus? No. Animals performing in circuses? Yes.

    I know I'm not answering the question that was asked but I couldn't bear putting "NO" and looking at the image of this elephant.
    Circuses are great, minus the animals. Animals should never be performing in circuses, and this is for two simple reasons: animal cruelty, of course, and because it's not natural for them. It's well known that animals in circuses are beat with poles and live in low conditions. They don't really have a lot of space for themselves as a circus can't extend miles long. They are forced to perform in front of a lot of people with a lot of noise, it's very stressful. Lastly what is natural about an elephant standing on a ball? Or a lion hopping through a fire hoop? Absolutely nothing. If men want to do unnatural things (like most of the things we do) fine! But don't put animals in these conditions.

  • Mean to animals

    The animals need to be free and have a life of freedom. They should not have there babies been taken always form them as soon as there born and there should to be then treated poorly as if they were a rock. It is unfair and should be avoided at all costs.

  • In my opinion, we SHOULD ban circuses

    I believe we should be Circuses because the animals are treated very poorly, specifically, elephants. In some Circuses (not all), they hit and whip the elephants, just to do a trick. Tigers actually fear fire and are to jump through a ring of it. There has been a circus that knocked out the teeth of a chimpanzee with a hammer just so it couldn't possibly fight back. This is all just my opinion and why I think we should ban Circuses.

  • It is great way to spend time.

    People are training their whole lives to perform in circus, I'm thrilled to se these people doing flips on swing hanging over 10 meters above the ground, and I know it takes lots of work to acomplish that. But I think using animals to perform, especially those who aren't domesticated, is wrong. For example, tigers are endangered species, they should be kept in safe and being provided such accommodation that they can easily grow in numbers, not making them jump trough circles lit with fire.

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  • I am a fan of circuses, but I hate those that do animal acts.

    I was born in a city where a lot of circuses would go for days, I can say I grew up with them but I never liked the fact of them having to show animals who look sad and forced to do acts that would ridicule them. I do like though, how amazing some humans can be, and that is what I like about circuses. There are a LOT of them who don't use animals, and those should be appreciated.

  • But animal cruelty in circuses should be

    As long as the circus is run in a way that does not cause harm to the animals then it should be allowed. Just because animals are used for entertainment does not mean they are being harmed. Movies use animals for entertainment too, and usually without harming them. Circus animals that can't perform anymore should retire to zoos.

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