• Yes ban the fat idiots spamming

    They keep spamming and spamming and spamming like no tomorrow. Omg this spam doesn’t even make sense anymore. Like why is there constant fights over racism or Jamal or Loki? And why are people roleplayinf things like gaybuttdisease? You guys are really freaking weird. Gtfo this website you dumb trolls

  • No poo poo dumb dumb head

    Listen here you poo poo dumb dumb head. We like stupid spam because it’s funny and you’re just a big party pooper which is why you are a giant poo poo dumb dumb head. We’re going to keep spamming and keep enjoying this nice spam war and there’s nothing you can do about it

  • No I am going to keep spamming LOL

    Hello my name is Jamal and I live in mom basement, I weigh 469 pounds and never done anything for society other than post garbage on DDO. My mommy gives me everything I want, I think you are just jelous of that. Go be wage slave while I sit on my a** and spam on this website. Also I did your mom

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