Should we ban the idiots who think it’s not transphobic to reject a trans woman for being trans?

  • Yes they should 100% without question

    Trans woman are very nice and they’re very friendly and know what a guy wants because they used to be in a guys body and they know how to approach men better because they used to be in a mans body, So why wouldn’t they date a trans woman? Oh right it’s simple because they’re trans! How is that not transphobic and discrimination when they’re literally better than real woman and probably treat them better than real woman!

  • Of course. This is practically the dictionary definition of transphobia.

    Now, I'm not saying that you need to accept a woman simply because she's trans. I'm simply saying that rejecting a woman solely because she is transgender is blatantly transphobic. Now, I understand that the question is about banning people for this, Not this alone. I believe that this banning should indeed be done, Because transphobia isn't an opinion. It's a prejudice, Or in this case, Discrimination. It can be very hurtful to people, And this website isn't for hurting people, It's for changing their minds.

  • No, We shouldn't.

    First of all, Tranny "women" are men, Tranny "men" are women. You will never be able to change what you are. Anyone with a functioning brain would distance themselves from you gross troids as fast as they can. "TrAnSpHoBiA" is normal and healthy. No one will ever value gross abominations like you. You're the only idiot here OP.

  • Freedom of speech and expression

    You have just as much right to say that they aren't a woman, As they do the right to say that they are.

    Some people want to live in a world where everyone is loving and accepting of everyone and everything, And that is not realistic nor fair to all the others that would be silenced just to keep their feeling safe.

  • Having an opinion is not a phobia or hate speech

    Everyone should be allowed to have an opinion on whatever they want to without being canceled or banned. If it's okay for a trans woman or man to be a trans then it should be okay for some people to have an opinion about it if the trans person insists that other people have to accept them for it. Both parties have the freedom, Which is the key word here, To live as they want to. One being a trans and one not liking it and everyone going off to their separate corners without hurting or banning anybody. That is called being an American. If you don't like an opinion, You can certainly debate it and get mad about it if you want, But at the end of the day, Agreeing to disagree is okay and very American.

  • Can't just 'ban' things you don't like

    The question isn't even banning rejecting trans women, It is about thinking it's not transphobic to have such an opinion. Any -phobic is almost entirely subjective and therefore can't have a logical conclusion to what is and is not considered -phobic. Honestly a pretty ridiculous notion to even consider banning over something so trivial.

  • Don't ban people for their opinion.

    If you want to condemn people's opinions, That's completely fair. I don't think you should condemn people for their opinions, But that's fair enough. Banning people from voicing their opinions is unacceptable, Though. Even if, Hypothetically, Someone had the most despicable, Evil, Hateful, Harmful opinion possible, It's better to let them say their opinion and try to reason with them than bluntly silencing them. If you can't reason with them, Then in a vacuum, It might seem like banning them and stopping them from spreading their opinion is good, But when you start banning someone for having an opinion, It becomes problematic; what other opinions can we ban? Even fairly reasonable ones that the majority disagrees with? What metric are we using to determine how reasonable an opinion is? It's just a lot cleaner to free everyone to say anything than to put many reasonable opinions in jeopardy to silence bad opinions. Whether we're talking about gender or any other topic doesn't matter. Banning people for their opinions is terrible. If the topic were about the morality of accepting or rejecting trans people, It would be much more reasonable.

  • Date who you want its a personal choice.

    Historically there's only been two genders male and female, Its only been the last couple of years they recognise over 100 genders.
    I can't see why this isn't someone's personal choice to be with who they want to be? Otherwise it's forced rape? I never say never but I myself find it very unlikely I would ever date a trans woman but to each their own if someone else is happy to I won't judge anyone.
    This isn't transphobic as it's not a fear just a simple personal choice.

  • A trans person's freedom carries no more weight than the person rejecting the trans person.

    By reject, I suspect you mostly mean not dating? People reject people for far less. Eye color, Height, Job, Voice, Political choice, Religion, Etc etc. And there is nothing wrong with that. Mate selection is complicated, And having the freedom to choose is a good natural thing. I mean thinking about it, The ability to discriminate between possible choices is built into us. Clothes, Cars we drive, Art, Music, Where we live, Who our friends are, Morals, List goes on, But the point: Wanting or not wanting to date a trans person is no different than the above. Now, If you are thinking "Well even if they are FREE to reject. . . I can still label it as transphobic! " Maybe that is true. But it's not that simple. We'd have to discus what being trans even is first.

    Gender is quite literally a societal invention. When humans were primitive and not socially developed, There was just biological sex + whatever primitive neurochemical differences each sex had. (Obviously biological anomalies and mutations came along, But not relevant here) Males, Females, Eating, Making offspring, Pooping, Death.
    Organically over time as human cognition and social structures developed, It became pragmatic and natural to organize ourselves by common traits and roles we took on. In this case, Primarily organizing ourselves into societal roles based on strengths to maximize offspring survival. (proliferation of genes)This organization was gradual and over time. Males *mostly* behaved with more aggression and were physically larger/stronger, And females were *mostly* more care-taking, Physically and smaller/weaker. Humanity organized itself by these repeating traits, And eventually the concept of gender was in play and built upon to organize society as humans explored their psyche. It became practical and convenient to assign these roles to males and females. Developed into "men" and "women" as we explored identity.


    The point here: gender is not a tangible thing. It's a naturally occurring human construct for organization. Scientifically there's no such thing as man or woman. People are not born with a gender. They are only born with sex, Like any other organism. Therefore when a person feels strongly the opposite to the only role they were assigned, It’s probably very much a cognitive dissonance - and probably one extreme enough to be maybe considered mental illness. Therefore there could be scientific backing to an anti-trans position that does not believe it valid. **That being said, As long as a person can function in society and not harm themselves or others, Choosing one’s gender seems securely in the realm of personal liberty, BUT other people who choose an anti-trans position, That is THEIR liberty. And I don't know if it's helpful, Fair, Or constructive to demonize them for having a different opinion. **

  • It's a preference + it can be off-putting

    If we put religious and political views aside, It is a preference. Would you like it if someone said "you have to date asians or you're racist, It's equivalent to saying ch*nk"? It's not like that. That's one argument.

    Another is that it can be off-putting. For just transgender people, If the couple is "straight", One might not like the idea that the transgender person has the genitals of the same sex when they are only attracted to the opposite sex, And therefore would be unable to have sex without feeling disgusting. For transsexuals, The genitals aren't actually their original ones, And this can also feel weird.

  • No, That's stupid!

    Whoever thinks that is stupid and makes no sense. It's a degenerate way of thinking and it sounds like SJW propaganda than anything. I think it's stupid given the free speech we supposedly have that people are trying to take away from us. It's up to a person to decide how they want to live their lives and what they want to say, So why should we ban them for it? Isn't that more of a burden on individuality than transphobia itself?

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