Should we ban the person who posted the autistic kid debate

  • They are vile

    Here is what they said: "If you don’t agree, Then go kill yourself you niggerfaggot. I am sick of this utter nonsense from autistic kids nowadays, They scream and misbehave all the goddamn time. IF YOU HAVE AUTISM, THEN GO COMMIT SUICIDE ASSHOLIC BITCH AND f**k YOURSELF IN THE PUSSY NIGGER CUM SEMEN COCKSUCKER! A"

    We should ban this gross person and I think I know who it is too so they should go away before I reveal their user name

  • No, There's no point.

    It was a troll and putting in the effort to ban someone such as them would just give them a reason to make more sockpuppets. Just ignore him and he'll go away on his own. Even this posed question is giving him too much attention. Just stop giving him attention.

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