• Most Dangerous Time Frame on the Road

    Between midnight and 3 am is when most drunk drivers appear. 1 in about 3 car accidents is involved with a drunk driver. Between 2003-2012, about 10,372 people (in cali) were killed due to car collisions with drunk drivers. Everyone is aware that alcohol impairs your ability to think rationally, and when you put that and nighttime together it leads to disasters. Begin can become more violent and unaware of the consequences that some of their decisions will lead them to, such as the death of a HUMAN BEING. Yes, I understand that banning it for the stated hours won't completely resolve the issue, but it sure will help.

  • Someone Could Get Hurt!

    Just think. Your on the highway coming home from a long days work and you get hit head on. You have the chance of getting really hurt or possibly even death. I mean you could get hit anyways. It doesn't have to be just from someone that is drunk, but I just think that it should be banned after midnight because the dark is the scariest. Take it from someone that has to drive an hour to work and an hour back.

  • Society is affected

    Alcohol banning is clearly the most efficient and productive way to completely prohibit the sale of alcohol after midnight. This is essential to the safe social life of many women, children and innocent people out on the streets at night. As the night brings the most danger as its lonely, dark and isolated, that's the time when most behaviour must be controlled on streets to reduce injuries, offenders and rapes for innocent people out at night.

  • Night brings danger

    The dark and night bring the most danger, therefore people should have their behaviour in control on the streets of the night. Things such as drink driving, raping and abuse can all be decreased simply by banning such sales. Therefore, there is no reason to oppose such decision to ban it

  • I wanna get drunk

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  • No we should not

    The problem with drunken drivers is they are miseducated on the dangers they put themselves in. Jails are already crowded and the government is sending people to jail for years for drinking and driving.
    Banning sales after midnight will only increase them during the day or lead to people selling and buying it anyway. What we should focus on is bringing our children up educating them properly and setting up classes in school that actually teach children something. A simple commercial or law will not change much.

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